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Second Bachelor's Degree Financial Aid

If you are considering a second bachelor’s degree you will not be alone in IDP. You will be among students who are exploring a discipline completely different from that of their first bachelor’s degree (a financial analyst who is studying neuroscience; a surgeon who is exploring art history) or working on a complementary second bachelor’s degree (a political science graduate who is now studying economics).  Up to eighteen courses may be transferred into Trinity and counted toward your Trinity bachelor’s degree. Federal loans may be available to second degree candidates. 

For general questions about the pursuit of a second bachelor's degree with Trinity IDP, please contact Roberta Rogers at 860.297.2150.​​

Jan Neuberger ’13

English major with a concentration in creative writing
IDPA President
I don’t think there possibly could have been a better immersion than the IDP Transitional Seminar. The course was designed with great efficiency and economy to ensure that those of us just re-starting our educations (in my case, after 36 years!) would have an awareness of all the intellectual, practical, and technical skills Trinity would call for as we went forward in our program. Knowing there is a community of people at Trinity with whom I have in common years of adult experience and all the complications and rewards that go with them is a gigantic plus. Returning to school as a 56-year-old would have seemed much more daunting without the support system that the IDP program provides.