Resources for Faculty

​Teaching a first-year seminar is immensely rewarding, an opportunity to guide the academic formation of new students while inspiring intellectual curiosity and high standards. At Trinity, the faculty as a whole takes responsibility for teaching and advising first-year students. In any given year, moreover, those teaching in the first-year seminar program form a community dedicated to the success and well- being of first-year students. 

In preparation for teaching a first-year seminar, faculty should familiarize themselves with the Information for First-Year Students pages, as well as the materials posted on the First-Year Seminar Program website (e.g., learning goals, writing, advising). In addition to these electronic materials, a series of faculty development workshops are offered for first-year faculty, especially those new to the program or who have not taught a seminar recently. 

Writing Resources for First-Year Faculty 

Faculty Development Workshops

Trinity College’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers numerous workshops throughout the academic year as well as valuable teaching resources, focusing on course design, teaching methods, and evaluation of student learning. In partnership with the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing & Rhetoric, CTL also leads the faculty development workshops for first-year instructors.  Workshops for faculty teaching a first-year seminar are scheduled for May and September.​