First-Year Seminars

Entering students are required to enroll in a first-year seminar except for those participating in the Humanities Gateway Program, the Interdisciplinary Science Program, the Cities Program, the InterArts Program, the Community Action Gateway Experience, or the Global Health Humanities Gateway.

Fall 2019 First-Year Seminars:

FYSM 101-01, BFF or Strange Bedfellows? Cohorts, Compromise, and Political Destiny - Madalene Spezialetti
FYSM 103-01, Particular Beliefs and Behaviors​  - Robert Outten​
FYSM 104-01, Food, Fitness, and the Journey toward Self-Discovery - Dario Del Puppo and Kevin MacDermott
FYSM 105-01, Prohibitions - John Alcorn 
FYSM 106-01, Making America, Making Segregation - Rachel Moskowitz
FYSM 109-01, Indigenous Science Fiction - Hilary Wyss
FYSM 110-01, Designing Your Future Work - Joseph Catrino
FYSM 116-01, Poetics and Philosophies of Friendship - Joshua King
FYSM 117-01, Daily Life and Democracy in Ancient Athens - Martha Risser
FYSM 118-01, The World Has Already Ended: Apocalypse and Fiction - Katherine Bergren
FYSM 119-01, Mindfulness and Meditation and the Mind/body - Randolph Lee
FYSM 120-01, Leadership, War & Hollywood - Chuck Powell
​FYSM 124-01, Deviant Capitalisms - Isaac Kamola
FYSM 126-01, Harry Potter and His Literary Forebears - Sarah Bilston
FYSM 127-01, Understanding and Effecting Change - Timothy Curran
FYSM 131-01, Photography and Conservation - Christoph Geiss
FYSM 132-01, Exploring Music & Human Rights - Eric Galm
FYSM 134-01, Games of Strategy and Predictably Irrational Behavior - Arthur Schneider 
FYSM 140-01, Ethical Dilemmas through Film - Kent Dunlap
FYSM 146-01, American Oratory: Analysis & Performance - Erin Frymire
FYSM 148-01, LatinX Legacy in the US: Music, Film & Comics - Aidali Aponte-Aviles
FYSM 150-01, Lights, Camera, Society! Sociology Through Film - Tanetta Andersson
FYSM 152-01, Evolutions, Sex and Human Nature - Daniel Blackburn
FYSM 153-01, $cience: Intersections of Money and Discovery - Michelle Kovarik
FYSM 155-01, Data, Data and More Data! - Paula Russo​
FYSM 163-01, God and Sex - Tamsin Jones
FYSM 166-01, Reasoning About Data: Calling Out Bullcrap - Kevin Huang
FYSM 193-01, The Brothers Karamazov - Carol Any
FYSM 200-01, City as Work of Art - Kathleen Curran
FYSM 212-01, Introduction to Hip-Hop - Seth Markle
FYSM 215-01, Mathematical Gems - Nancy Wyshinski
FYSM 2​22-01, The Asian Image: Views of Asians in American History and Culture - Jeffrey Bayliss​
FYSM 224-01, China's Forbidden City: Art and Architecture in Beijing - Yunchiahn Sena
FYSM 229-01, Physics in Science Fiction - David Branning

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