First-Year Seminars

Entering students are required to enroll in a first-year seminar except for those participating in the Humanities Gateway Program, the Interdisciplinary Science Program, the Cities Program, the InterArts Program, the Community Action Gateway Experience, or the Global Health Humanities Gateway.

Fall 2020 First-Year Seminars:

FYSM 102-01, Reacting to the Past and Present: The Turmoil of Evolving Beliefs - David Mauro
FYSM 105-01, Prohibitions - John Alcorn
FYSM 107-01, How Microbes Rule the World - Lisa-Anne Foster
FYSM 108-01,  Passing: Identity and Performativity - Shunyuan Zhang
FYSM 114-01, The Plot Thickens: Tension and Immediacy in Fiction - Ethan Rutherford
FYSM 116-01, Poetics and Philosophies of Friendship - Joshua King
FYSM 122-01, Ideation and Entrepreneurship - Jo-Ann Jee
FYSM 125-01, China's Forbidden City: Art and Architecture in Beijing - Yunchiahn Sena
FYSM 130-01, Physics in Science Fiction - David Branning
FYSM 135-01, Why Trust Science? - Clayton Byers​
FYSM 144-01, Twentieth Century Latin American Revolutions and the Arts - Priscilla Melendez
FYSM 148-01, LatinX Legacy: Film, Media, Music and More - Aidali Aponte-Aviles
​FYSM 149-01, George Orwell and His Times - David Rosen
FYSM 150-01, Lights, Camera, Society! Sociology Through Film - Tanetta Andersson
FYSM 162-01, Cryptology: From Disordered Hieroglyphics to Quantum Physics - Ewa Syta
FYSM 165-01, The Emerging Science of Consciousness - Michael Grubb
FYSM 169-01, Get Over Yourself- Shane Ewegen
FYSM 170-01, Dancefloor Bodies & Identities - Luis Figueroa
FYSM 171-01, Trials of the Century - Glenn Falk
FYSM 172-01, Witchcraft and the Occult - Timothy Landry
FYSM 173-01, Contemporary American Prose - Lucy Ferriss
FYSM 178-01, Short Stories: Tales of the Supernatural, Intrigue, and Morality - Karen Humphreys
FYSM 180-01, Good Natured: Improving Mindfulness and Happiness through Natural History Observation - Amber Pitt
FYSM 181-01, The Beatles and the 60s - John Platoff
FYSM 183-01, Collage: The Constructed Self-Portrait - Joe Byrne
FYSM 185-01, Sustainable Life - Johannes Evelein
FYSM 185-02, Sustainable Life - Dario Del Puppo​
FYSM 191-01, The Dilemma of International Intervention - Thomas Lefebvre​
FYSM 198-01, Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction - Irene Papoulis
FYSM 199-01, Networks, Historical and Contemporary - Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre​

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