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​Contacts for First-Year Seminar Program 


Leo Schuchert, Coordinator of First-Year Academic Experiences & Special Assistant to the Deans of Academic Affairs 
Leo Schuchert manages logistical aspects of the first-year seminars and gateways, including the mentors program; coordinates the academic components of the Starting Out system for incoming students; provides administrative support to the Deans of Academic Affairs on a variety of projects, including Curriculum Committee, Faculty Research Committee, Summer Research Program, academic advising, J-Start and Global Start.​
Melanie Stein, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Mathematics
Dean Stein oversees Trinity’s First-Year Seminar Program, as part of her overall portfolio in the Dean of Faculty’s Office. She is also Professor of Mathematics.
Laura Holt, Faculty Coordinator of First-Year Mentors and Associate Professor of Psychology
Professor Holt leads the selection and training of First-Year Mentors, as well as the mentor colloquium meetings throughout the fall semester. As a graduate of Trinity College and a member of the Psychology Department, she conducts research on a wide-range of issues relevant to college students, including: predictors of supportive peer mentor-student relationships; predictors of academic, social, and emotional adjustment in first-year students; and risk factors for maladaptive substance use. 

First-Year Seminar Program Steering Committee

This committee provides guidance and direction to the Dean of Faculty’s Office in administering the First-Year Seminar Program.  For 2016-18, the committee consists of the following members:
  • Carol Any, Associate Professor of Language and Culture Studies (faculty representative for the humanities)
  • Dania Field, Coordinator of First-Year Academic Experiences and Special Assistant to the Deans of Academic Affairs
  • Laura Holt, Associate Professor of Psychology and Faculty Coordinator of First-Year Mentors
  • Isaac Kamola, Assistant Professor of Political Science (faculty representative for the social sciences)
  • Tennyson O’Donnell, Director, Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric and Allan K. Smith Lecturer in English Composition 
  • Maria Parr, Associate Professor of Chemistry (faculty representative for the sciences)
  • John Platoff, Professor of Music (faculty representative for the arts)
  • Melanie Stein, Dean of Academic Affairs