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​Contacts for First-Year Seminar Program 


Leo Schuchert, Coordinator of First-Year Academic Experiences & Special Assistant to the Deans of Academic Affairs 
Leo Schuchert manages logistical aspects of the first-year seminars and gateways, including the mentors program; coordinates the academic components of the Starting Out system for incoming students; provides administrative support to the Deans of Academic Affairs on a variety of projects, including Curriculum Committee, Faculty Research Committee, Summer Research Program, academic advising, J-Start and Global Start.​
Tennyson O

Tennyson O'Donnell​, Director of First-Year Academic Programs, Director of the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric, and Allan K. Smith Senior Lecturer in English Composition
Professor O’Donnell is an experienced teacher, administrator, and communications consultant.  He has worked as a writing center director, a start-up consultant to community colleges to establish their own writing centers, a curricular and program evaluator, as well as a technical writer for various private companies.  His expertise in composition and cultural rhetoric informs his approach to teaching beginning and advanced writers to see writing and research beyond simple vocational skill sets.  O’Donnell believes student-writers can learn to ask questions about the function of writing that will serve to sharpen their awareness of the discourse of their discipline and explore how that discourse participates in meaning-making.
Irene Papoulis

Irene Papoulis​, Director of First-Year Academic Programs and Faculty Development, and Principal Lecturer in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric
Professor Papoulis is interested in all aspects of writing, from the composing process, to writer's block, to the differences among the myriad genres of writing, to the problems and delights of revision. Her academic interests include psychological and other approaches to the teaching of writing, creative nonfiction, genre studies, gender issues, contemplative practices in the classroom, and Visual Thinking Strategies. A former co-chair of the National Council of Teachers of English's Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, she has organized various national conferences, workshops, and panels on such subjects as Emotions in Teaching, The Believing Game as a Method of Thinking, and Contemplative Practices in Education. She also works as a consultant with high school and college teachers through the Institute for Writing and Thinking at Bard College, and is involved with the Trinity College Hartford Magnet Academy.
Laura Holt, Faculty Coordinator of First-Year Mentors and Associate Professor of Psychology
Professor Holt leads the selection and training of First-Year Mentors, as well as the mentor colloquium meetings throughout the fall semester. As a graduate of Trinity College and a member of the Psychology Department, she conducts research on a wide-range of issues relevant to college students, including: predictors of supportive peer mentor-student relationships; predictors of academic, social, and emotional adjustment in first-year students; and risk factors for maladaptive substance use. 

First-Year Seminar Program Steering Committee

This committee provides guidance and direction to the Dean of Faculty’s Office in administering the First-Year Seminar Program.  The co-directors of the First-Year Seminar Program is in the process of appointing new and returning members ​to the Steering Committee for the 2019-21 term.