Graduate and Professional Schools

While it might be difficult to fathom going through more schooling as you are nearing completing your undergraduate degree, if the career you are interested in often requires an advanced degree to move up and/or earn more, graduate school may be your logical next step. What graduate programs should you apply to? How many should you apply to? Selecting a graduate school and program involves many aspects of thought. Wouldn’t it be easy if it were just a matter of determining your field of study? Quite the contrary, as graduate programs in a given discipline may vary widely from school to school. Graduate programs differ in academics but also in training philosophies and emphases. When deciding where to apply, you should pay special attention to your own goals and directions as well as your resources. Look for those that will best meet your career and learning objectives.

The Center for Student Success and Career Development can help you with every step of the graduate school process from selecting programs to writing your personal statement. You can schedule a one-on-one advising appointment or attend one of the the Grad School 101 information sessions, typically run once per semester, for a general overview of the admissions process. Read through our Graduate School Guide to get started on the basics. Some applications may ask for a curriculum vitae as opposed to a resume. Use this guide to help you figure out the differences between the two documents and how to set up a basic CV.