Internships for Credit

In today’s recruiting environment, internships are invaluable. Exploratory internships are offered by the Center for Student Success and Career Development and enable you to examine a particular career interest by working part-time with an employer during one academic semester or a full summer.  Exploratory Internships emphasize field experience and are supplemented with regular academic work under the direction of a Faculty Sponsor of your choice.  Students can only earn credit for an internship during the semester in which the experience took place. We advise you to choose a faculty member who has expertise that correlates with the selected field of the internship.  They are graded on a pass/fail basis and yield .5 credit.  Students may complete up to four Exploratory Internships during their time at Trinity, for a total of two credits toward the 36 credits required for graduation. 

Please note:  Some departments and programs may sponsor one-credit courses with an internship component, allowing you to study a topic or issue at greater depth. Those placements are considered Academic Internships. In some circumstances, departments will allow students to pursue an independent study where the student participates in an internship and completes a rigorous academic component with the guidance and supervision of a Faculty Sponsor. Those placements are also considered Academic Internships and earn one credit. Students should consult individual departments or faculty members for information about one-credit courses with internships and independent study options. 

Because internships are so valuable, we offer more than 200 established placements and others can be arranged in virtually any professional area, including the arts, business and finance, government, engineering, health and social services, law, media and education. 


We can also help you obtain internships that are not for credit, but that provide similarly valuable learning and career experiences. Internships offer a number of career planning benefits, including building a network of contacts, securing references for future jobs, and developing job search skills such as résumé writing and interviewing.


For more information about academic internships, contact Career Development at or (860) 297-2080.​