Jobs and Internships

Once you’ve explored your options, chosen your major, and decided on a direction, it will be time to get down to the business of actually finding an internship or job. Throughout this process, we’ll be here to support you.

Where to Begin

As a Bantam, the best place to start your job hunt is online. Handshake is filled with academic internships, non-academic internships, and full-time jobs. Plus, the employers who post to this platform are specifically looking for Trinity students — so when you apply for a job listed here, you’ll have a distinct advantage in the market. 
You can also search for jobs and internships using our Liberal Arts Career NetWORK. This gives Trinity students and alumni access to a database with over 3,000 active internships and jobs and over 14,000 registered employers.

All in the Timing

Different industries operate on different recruiting timelines. If you’re looking for a job in finance or consulting, you can start applying in September of your senior year. For other fields, you’ll have more luck if you wait until spring (a little closer to your potential hire date). So start by identifying the industry you’re hoping to work in, then we can help you figure out the right timeline for you.

Confidence and Composure

When looking for a job, attitude matters. So does your composure and behavior throughout the process. Searching for jobs can be daunting or exhausting. But never let it get under your skin. Instead, stay confident. Believe in yourself, and that will inspire others to believe in you, too. You should also maintain professionalism and integrity — from the beginning to the end of your search.
Your interactions with potential employers will affect your chances of landing the job, but they will also reflect back on Trinity and your fellow students here. Every time you send an email or attend an interview, you are a representative of our institution and we hope you’ll behave with the grace and confidence we expect of every Bantam.

Network Beyond Trinity

The strength of the Bantam network is undeniable. But that’s far from the only network you’ll have behind you here. We belong to two recruiting consortia, where employers look for candidates from top liberal arts colleges. These diverse, prestigious employers include law firms, finance and consulting companies, the U.S. Department of Justice, the New England Center for Children, and the Peace Corps. Our two consortia—the New York Recruiting Consortium and the Liberal Arts Recruiting Consortium in Boston—both host off-campus recruiting events throughout each academic year. And of course, we’ll support you in preparing for the important connections you’ll make at these events.