Capital Project Planning

In January 2019, the college will begin considering capital projects to undertake in the 2020-21 academic year.

Here’s a sense of how capital projects work their way through the annual budget process. This process has evolved to integrate our committee and maximize opportunity for community input.

JANUARY-FEBRUARY: Trinity community members are invited to speak with their division heads (or email about ideas for capital projects

MID-MARCH: Deadline for division heads to submit priority project lists to budget director; budget director compiles projects into a master list shared with Summit Facilities Committee

APRIL-MAY: Summit Facilities Committee reviews master list, invites feedback from the community, then shares feedback with the VP for finance/chief financial officer

SUMMER: Cabinet reviews master list and community feedback

SEPTEMBER: Board of Trustees Facilities Committee recommends action on capital projects

OCTOBER: Board of Trustees vote on capital projects for inclusion in upcoming budget