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Employee Spotlight

We will begin recognizing a new NESC employee every month, featuring him or her on this page and in our newsetter, The Hourly.   If you know of someone who should be recognized, please email  ​​​​

February Spotlight

Lady Debbie Cook of Glencoe

Switchboard and Mather Operations Coordinator, ​Mather Hall


I can’t believe I’ve been at this great institution Trinity College for 30 years, it’s been the best thing to ever happen to me! I’ve seen a lot of students grow, graduate, get a job, get married and have their kids come here, it’s magical!

            I try to find time for things I support when not at Trinity; I’m part of the state’s wildlife rehabilitation team. My husband and I have successfully rehabilitated and        released hawks, vultures, turtles and many other animals back into the wild. I have to say this is my passion, as we love all animals.

            I’ve worked for the last 3 years with 3 homeless families  living off New Park Street, with the weather     getting  bitterly cold, I moved them to a motel on the Berlin Turnpike.  Recently they met a contractor working on a pipe job on New Britain Ave for West Hartford & he helped one of them get a job with him. The contractor liked them so much he is paying for their motel and hired them to work for him, so their moving to South Carolina. It will be sad to see them go, but I am very happy for them.

            Another thing I am passionate about is Amnesty International as well as the USO, sounds odd to like those two together as one helps free political activists and one is military based. However, it works for me as I like to go to Westover, welcome home, and plan events for our military. I am a big letter writer for Amnesty and used to be on their board years ago.

            I’m passionate about the Royal family, not just the Queen, but the family itself.  I write to them and they reply back! I went to Princess Diana’s funeral and wanted to go to William’s wedding, but I was ill, hopefully I can make it to Harry’s. I was gifted from The Queen with the title of Lady, which is my legal name now, and given some land in Scotland for my work for the homeless, not only in America but also in the UK.

            When my mother passed away, loving Trinity    College the way I do, I started a scholarship here in her name.  She was a big believer in education. Mom use to teach in the hills of Applica in a one-room school, so I wanted to honor her here.

            I try to educate my student workers on the past, i.e.: Chuck Berry, Fats, and The Beatles, so if you walk by the Welcome Desk and hear tunes I’m just educating the students.

            I moved here after I met and married my husband 4 hours after we met.  We are still together after 40 years. I am from the south so people ask, “why do you stay here in this cold”, and I simply reply that I have a job I love, and I truly love Connecticut!​

  ​​November Spotlight

 A Salute to Our Campus Safety Officers and

All Non-Exempt Staff Members Who Have Served

Thank You for Your Service 

Sergeant Michael Hassett - United States Army

Officer Brian Killian - United States Army

Officer Martin Torres - United States Army

Officer Jeff Labrecque - United States Army

Officer Thomas Lee - United States Army​​​

 ​October Spotlight

Non-Exempt Staff Council Members


Nancy Fleming is the Administrative Assistant for Engineering and Computer Science – also known as the department den mother. She is a former programmer and Systems/Business Analyst and has been with Trinity College for 9 years, starting in July of 2008. During this time, she has taken many classes in various subjects including drawing, painting, history, and computer science. She has participated in several events and committees on campus such as “The Vagina Monologues”, “A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer”, the Trinity Dragon Boat team, and the Non-Exempt Staff Council, just to name a few. She loves getting to know the students and spending time with them. One of her fondest activities is being paired up as a mentor/liaison with one of the international students. She is a proud mother of two, both boys, and enjoys being part of the Trinity community. Her office is a mini gallery of her works, most of them created right here at Trinity in one of her classes. In addition to being an artist, Nancy is also an accomplished seamstress. She enjoys creating costumes and attending renaissance fairs (all dressed up of course!) Her office is in MECC on the third floor. Stop in any time!

Robin Kelly began long career at Trinity College in January of 1990. Served in Athletic Department for the first 15 years, and currently in Chemistry Dept. Served on NESC four terms including current term, once as Chair. As Chair, participated in the Inaugural Ceremony for President Jimmy Jones officially welcoming him as our new president on behalf of all Staff (non-Faculty) Members. Also served on various committees such as Benefits and Budget Commit-tees as well as committee to revamp both the current Academic Administrative Assistants Resource Manual and the Non-exempt Staff Yearly Evaluation Form. It has been a family affair at Trinity with her sister Jill Slusarski (for those who remember her) in her over 25 years in Buildings and Grounds, along with son Brian who worked in Buildings and Grounds part time throughout his high school and college years. Robin is married to Stephen Kelly and has one son, Brian Albert Kelly.

Elizabeth Landell-Simon started working at Trinity College just over 5 years ago as a last-minute temp for the Physics, Environmental Science and Public Policy and Law areas and thankfully never left. It sounds cliché but staying at Trinity and working with the wonderful faculty members (yes that also includes Prof. Geiss) and all of our fabulous students has been one of the best decision she has ever made with respect to employment. There are difficulties with all jobs, but the deep feelings Elizabeth has for her departments and our students far outweighs them all. On a personal note, Elizabeth is the mother of two beautiful young people and the absolute love of my life is the one she calls her Cuddle Bear– her grandson Zion. She loves to read and engage in stimulating conversations on varying topics. Elizabeth also has two book projects that she has been working on for a while and hopes to find the time to finish them one day.

Chalynne Reed started working in the TC Library in 2007 and then began working in the Office of Study Away, and concurrently with the Urban Educational Initiatives office, in 2017. Chalynne received her B.A. in Studio Arts from ECSU and is currently studying to receive a Masters in Library and Information Science while taking courses at Trinity to improve her Spanish language skills. In her spare time, she likes to take day-trips to different areas of CT, practice Zumba and yoga, create latch-hook rugs, and spend time with her favorite people and pets.

Anique Thompson is a 2012 graduate of Trinity College, and brings extensive knowledge of the College community and broad experience to her current role as Program Coordinator for Graduate Studies and Strategic Academic Initiatives. She has served as manager of special projects, manager of the welcome desk, and an orientation intern with the office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership. She also served as manager of the student laundry service during her senior year. In her free time, Anique enjoys spending her free time with her fur-baby Anais, going on hikes and spending time with family and friends.​​

  ​​September Spotlight

Pat Kennedy

Administrative Assistant, ​Performing Arts Department


From left to right: Jorge Lugo, Elizabeth Landell-Simon, Pat Kennedy, Nancy Fleming, and Robin Kelly

When I first set foot on Trinity College’s campus I was a high school student and women were not yet accepted into the student body. The atmosphere has changed a lot since then! In 1971 I began working for Ivan Backer, who was then the director of the Office of Community Affairs, and Andy Gold, the new director of the Urban-Envi ronmental Studies Program. My office was with Ivan on the second floor of McCook. I worked for two-and-a-half years full-time until the Friday before the Sunday our son was born. During the first ten years my husband and I were raising our children, I came to campus in the evenings to type faculty contract letters for the Dean of Faculty’s Office, as well as book manuscripts, master’s theses, and doctoral dissertations.

The day our second child began first grade, I began work-ing for Ivan again. He was launching Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA) from 79 Vernon Street, 3rd floor. He was planning a lot of programs which would benefit and serve the surrounding community and the city. It was work I found very valuable and fulfilling. In 1989 Judy Dworin, the founder of the Department of Theater and Dance, alerted me that there was an opening in the Austin Arts Center. I decided it would be fun to work on the academic side so that I could meet faculty and students. I was hired by the Director, John Woolley, and by the Department of Fine Arts. In addition, I worked for the Departments of Music and Theater and Dance in the afternoons since their part-time secretary worked in the mornings. The staff organization has changed several times since then, and when the Department of Fine Arts moved to Hallden, with a part-time administrative assistant, I was happy to stay in the Austin Arts Center to work for the Departments of Music and Theater and Dance full-time.

In the late-‘90s, Josh Karter asked me about my education, dialed up Denise Best, [former] director of the IDP Program, and handed me the phone. With their help and a lot of work, I received my B.A. in 2002, earned honors in English, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. The IDP Program is the best. I’m happy to be one of the many staff people who are also alums. So, that’s a good 46 years, and I have been very happy here. The people and the job have kept me feeling young! Trinity means a good deal more to me than just a job—it’s really my home away from home.​