Frequently Asked Questions

We are interested in purchasing football tickets.  Do we need to pre-order? Is it necessary to purchase a ticket for my Trinity Student?
No, tickets can be purchased at the gate on Saturday. Your student will get in for free with a valid Trinity ID.
I plan on attending my student’s class on Friday.  How will I know where to go?
First, please make sure to ask your student what classes they have on Friday.  Second, visit this website the week of October 1 for a list of available classes and their locations​. Please note: some classes may not be available due to tests or capacity of the classroom.
We want to take our student out to dinner.  Do you have any suggestions and do we need to make reservations?
There is a listing of area restaurants available at Local Restaurants. This a busy time and reservations are strongly recommended for both Friday and Saturday nights.  
Where can I rent wheelchairs?
There are a number of places in the Hartford area that offer wheelchair rentals, and you can find them using an Internet search engine or the Hartford Yellow Pages.  In the past, people have been referred to Suburban Pharmacy on North 344 Main Street in West Hartford, CT.  You can contact them at 860-236-3564.  Trinity College does not endorse or recommend the use of one rental place over another. 
What if I have more questions?
If after reading this Web site, you have additional questions, please contact the Office of College Events at​​​