David E. Henderson – Photography Paintings, and Pastels

In all my art I seek to capture colors and shapes in ways that I find interesting. I came to art through photography and tend toward fairly realistic images. Photos and paintings are available for sale. Send me an email for prices and sizes.

I began working as a photographer as soon as my parents would allow me to use the Kodak Brownie we owned. I bought filters that I could adapt to work with the Brownie. By the time I was in high school, I had a small darkroom and was experimenting with developing and printing my own BW photos. I began working with 35 mm slides as well as B&W during a year in Germany, where I finally had access to a full scale dark room and experimented with solarization and other techniques. Returning home to graduate school, I set up my own dark room and began working with both B&W and color printing. But it was not until the advent of digital photography that I fully realized what I had been seeking all those years, the ability to manipulate the images and colors in creative ways that captured things that I saw in my mind’s eye but which the film rarely captured. I could now play with saturation and color and even reverse colors to achieve interesting effect (see the reversed chili photo in my portfolio). This was much more versatile than just choosing a film and using filters.

I added another dimension to my work in 2005 as I began to paint with acrylics for the first time. This allowed me even more freedom to play with color and composition and light. I was no longer limited to the elements present in the scene. I was not free to imagine the scene. My first two paintings were imagined based on photographs. One was a covered bridge photographed in mid summer but painted in full fall foliage. The other was a painting of wildflowers at Killington ski area, without the ski area. I studied with Malley DeSoma, Louise Minks and June Webster. Each helped me refine my vision and develop my skills and vision.

In 2008 I began to work with pastels and have found this to be my favorite medium. I love the brilliant colors. In spite of a busy professional schedule, I managed to complete two pastels and an oil painting in 2009. All of these are based on images I photographed during our travels in the Southwest in the 1990's. The two pastels of Taos Pueblo and two oil paintings, Window Rock from 2008 and White House at Canyon de Chelly from 2009 complete my Southwest collection for the present. My 2009 work also includes a pastel from our trip to Talin, Estonia.

2010 was a very busy year and I had less time for pastels. However, a spring workshop with Christine Ivers gave me a whole new outlook on pastels. Starting on a black background and painting night scenes allows me to get a much wider range of lights and darks than I could get on a light background. And I love the way the colors pop off the black background as they are applied. My "dark side" collection continues to grow.  A fall workshop with Leslie Lillien Levy provided some additional techniques in surface preparation and the use of contrasting underpainting that I have now incorporate in my work.

In 2014 I studied watercolor with June Webster and now enjoy working in this medium as well.

I have recently begun showing my favorite works at FineartAmerica. Check out my site.


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