Hobbies and Interests

Skiing, Photography,  pastels, painting, Choral Singing, Science Fiction, Environmental Protection, Folk Guitar and banjo, and fine wines and microbrew beers are my main interests. This page contains links to important resources and brief descriptions of these interests

 Skiing at Okemo Mt 2011

Art works  painting pastels and photography

Choral Singing - Tenor

Folk guitar and banjo

Science Fiction - Recommended Titles

Gregory Benford - Orb - could this really happen?

Charles Pelligrino - DUST - (some scary stuff)

Jack Chalker - Cybernetic Walarus - Everything you think you know is wrong. What if we could really create virtual reality? Check it out.

Environmental Protection - ConnPIRG Waterwatch, Union of Concerned Scientists, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund

Microbrew beers - (You must by 21 years of age to appreciate this section!)

Best Beer Picks

1st Place -Long Trail Autumn Ale - Best all around American Microbrew - Rich, complex and malty with good bitterness and complex hops.

2nd Place - Long Train Ale-

3rd Place - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale



Check out the Real Beer Web site


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