Rogue's Gallery of Former Student Research Projects

Courtney began a project to develop an HPLC-EC method for lipid peroxides. He has explored the use of electrochemical detectors in non-aqueous and non-polar solvents and the separation of lipid peroxides in reversed phase HPLC. These studies continue this year and Debra Mendenhall has joined the project.

Jen (on left) and Aiko are shown operating the Keck VG-Trio2 GC/LC/MS in the instrument lab.

Project Summary-

MS Analysis of high molecular weight products of capsaicin-lipid interactions. Two approaches were explored, liquid chromatography-MS of reaction products and derivatization of these products with BSTFA. The primatry discovery of their work was the first observation of a dimer of capsaicin formed during thermal oxidation. Workers in Spain have observed two dimers of capsaicin during enzymatic oxidation of capsaicin. We observe only one of these dimers under thermal oxidation conditions. The implications of this observation for the mechanisms of these reactions have not yet been explored. LC separations of these residues were complicated by the wide range of polarities of the products, and LC-MS studies have not yet been conducted. Aiko now a graduate student at Furman University.

Eric's project involved chemically induced oxidation of lipids in liposomes and the effect of capsaicin as an antioxidant in these systems. It proved to be very difficult to conduct the experiments and most actual studies were carried out in free solution rather than in liposomes. Eric is now a student at University of Connecticut Medical School.


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