Acid Rain Data Plotter for The Acid Rain in Europe Game

  1. Create new plots by changing the variables plotted on the x- and y-axes.
  2. Highlight certain objects by checking the box next to their names.
  3. The year slider takes you from no reductions to spending full amount of money available.
  4. Show data with a large range by changing the axis from linear (Lin) to logrithmic (Log).

Four cases are shown by the Time bar

1000= 0% Reduction 1010= 10% Reduction 1020= 20% Reduction
1030= 30% Reduction 1040=40% Reductions 1050 = 50% Reduction

Created David Henderson, Trinity College. Data from OECD Models for various cases of expenditures. Thanks to Tony Crider, Elon University for template.