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I have collected here some links to sites on the Web that may be of interest to historians of the Greek and Roman world. They are loosely organized by topic, but I make no claim to having been systematic. If you try a link and it does not work, or if you have a link to add, please notify me by email. I cannot regularly check all links and so apologize if anything here is outdated.

Introductory Pages
University of Michigan
One of the best introductory pages.
Yahoo Ancient History page
An excellent starting point for all matters Roman.
University College Dublin, Greek and Roman Civilization Page
Lots of resources and links, some not duplicated elsewhere.
Roman Sites
An index with links to thousands of WWW sites dealing with all aspects of Roman history, archaeology, and culture.
An on-line reference with links to resources covering Classical, Biblical, and Ancient Near Eastern Studies.
Late Antiquity section of the On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies (ORB)
For the study of late antiquity, you might begin here (the ORB site will take you into the Middle Ages, a period beyond the purview of these links).
Directory of Classics Homepages
A way to find homepages related to classics.
Bibliographic and Research Aids
Tables of Contents of Recent Periodicals of Interest to Classicists.
Gnomon Online
Covering material published since 1990, this database includes articles, reviews, and other items in journals published worldwide. An outstanding resource for research.
Warfare in the Roman World
ARGOS: A Limited Areas Search Engine of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds
I quote from Chuck Jones' announcemnt of this site: Argos is "an experimental search engine dedicated to the ancient and medieval portions of the internet;" peer-reviewed, "it attempts to filter out portions of the internet irrelevant to ancient and medieval interests." Responsible parties are the editors of ABZU (Charles Jones), Byzantium (Paul Halsall), Diotima (Ross Scaife and Suzanne Bonefas), Exploring Ancient World Cultures (Anthony Beavers), Kirke (Ulrich Schmitzer), Perseus (Gregory Crane) and Romarch (Pedar Foss).
Synopsis: An Annual Index of Greek Studies.
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names.
The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names is an extraordinary publishing achievement; this searchable database, when complete, will allow researchers to use the mass of data collected for the LGPN in even more ways than possible through the printed version.
Greek and Latin Texts Online
Greek and Latin Texts Online at MIT
For Greek and Latin texts you can call up on your computer.
The Perseus Project
This offers searches for strings of words in Greek texts and all kinds of other interesting resources.
This page provides search and concordance software to access the PHI and TLG CD-ROM editions.
Maintained at the University of Kentucky, Diotima offers resources for the study of women in the Greco-Roman world, including an anthology of translated texts.
Hellenistic History
A site maintained by Oliver D. Hoover, with information on the history of the Seleukid dynasty, and perhaps most usefully Addenda et corrigenda to John Grainger, A Seleukid Prosopography and Gazetteer (Leiden 1997).


The Ancient City of Athens
A page of wonderful photographs of the topography of ancient Athens, with links to other good resources.
Classical Athens
Another page devoted to Athens of the fifth and fourth centuies BC, run by Christopher S. Planeaux. He also runs scholarly discussion groups on Greek and Roman history which can be accessed from this page.
Athens and Plato (also accessible from a site in the USA, here)
A site focused especially on the Athens of Plato.
Lyceum Excavation.
A site devoted to the new excavations at the Lyceum in Athens.
Recreating The Theater of Dionysus in Athens (Didaskalia).
This page will lead you to other WWW resources dealing with the study of ancient texts on papyri.
Advanced Papyrological Information System.
APIS contains (in the words of Roger Bagnall) "catalogues of six American papyrus collections: Berkeley, Columbia, Duke, Michigan, Princeton, and Yale. To varying degreesthe records include translations, links to the texts in the Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri, and links to digital images." Plans for expansion are in the works.
Yale Beinicke Library
This page will take you directly to the catalkogue of papyri at the Beinicke Library at Yale, with images of texts.
Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri
This searchable database provides the contents and an update of the PHI 7 Doicumentary Disk.
Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
The Centre offers on-line images of inscriptions, squeezes, and papyri in the collections of the University of Oxford as well as links to other resources for the study of ancient documents.
Inscriptiones Graecae Eystettenses
This is a database for the study of inscriptions from Asia Minor.
Duke Papyrus Archive
The Archive contains images of papyri owned by Duke University (one of the largest collections in the US) and links to other Web resources for the study of Greek papyri.
Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis der griechischen Papyrusurkunden Aegyptens
This site, maintained by Dieter Hagedorn, currently contains data from over 30,000 documentary papyri from Egypt.
Word List
Maintained by Dieter Hagedorn, the Word List provides updates on names and words appearing in recently published papyri.
This site bears images of the papyri published as P. Tebt.
Checklist of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets.
An indispensable tool for work on papyri. To order a printed version, contact The David Brown Book Company (by mail or telephone: P.O. Box 511, 28 Main St., Oakville, CT 06779; tel. 860-945-9329, fax: 860-945-9468).
Banque de donnees de textes coptes documentaires
. An online databank of documentary texts in Coptic.
EpiDoc: Epigraphic Documents in TEI XML is devoted to developing standards for the electronic publication of Greek and Latin inscriptions.
CLAROS provides concordances to thousands of Greek inscriptions, new editions, translations, and studies.
Greek Epigraphy Project
. The Packard Humanities Institute has now created a web version of the old CD-ROM database of Greek inscriptions, searchable with extraordinary rapidity.
Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum
. The website for the CIL.


Amphoras and Trade
Amphoras Project.
Amphoras were the most widely used transport container in the ancient Mediterranean, used especially to ship wine and olive oil, but also a wide variety of other goods. Their study, long neglected by all but a few pioneers like Virginia Grace, sheds light on trade patterns, movement of persons, and ceramic techniques. The Project site provides bibliographic information and lots of further links.
Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Edited by Richard Talbert and scheduled for publication by Princeton University Press, the Atlas will be the first comprehensive new atlas of the Greco-Roman world in a century.
Xerox World Maps
Try this resource to obtain line maps (shorelines and rivers) at any scale you desire.
Asia Minor Map
Historical Atlas of Late Antiquity
Ancient and Medieval Atlas
For maps of the Roman empire from AD 1-1400.
Journals and Professional Organizations
American Journal of Archaeology
The scholarly organ of the Archaeological Institute of America, is now available in an online version.
Archaeology Magazine
Archaeology, the "popular" organ of the Achaeological Institute of America, covers matters of archaeological interest not only in the Greco-Roman Mediterranean, but the world over. The homepage offers links to pages covering excavations and publications.
The Journal of Roman Archaeology
One of the best new journals of the "new" archaeology, the JRA publishes site reports, technical articles, and, perhaps most useful (especially for students), comprehensive review articles on various aspects of Roman archaeology.
Kadmos. Publishes articles on pre-Greek and early Greek inscriptions and languages.
Zeitschrift fuer Papyrologie und Epigraphik. The ZPE is one of the premier journals for new publications in epigraphy and papyrology. The site contains indices of all volumes, Further, through a different link (click here) individuals only may download for free articles from the volumes so far posted using Acrobat Reader 4.0 (volumes 110-123 [1996-1998]). The publisher, Dr. Rudolf Habelt, continues to hold the copyright. Send comments (and expressions of gratitude!) to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bluemel.
Mediterranean Historical Review covers the history of the Mediterranean in a diachronic manner. The editorial office in Tel Aviv may be reached by email.
Professional Organizations.
Links to professional organizations can be found here.
Electronic Journals
Classicists have not been slow to begin exploring the possibilities of electronic publishing. I have collected links to some of their efforts -- but surely there are already more I don't know.
This will take you to links to homepages of publishers specializing in Greek and Roman history.
Research Institutes in Greece, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East
American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The premier American research institution in Greece, through which virtually all archaeologists and many historians and classicists have passed.
Cyrus American Archaeological Research Institute. The chief center for research for American scholars on Cyprus, offering also some small fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students.
The Ottoman Studies Resource Index. Provides links to all kinds of resources in Ottoman, Middle Eastern, and Turkish studies.
Greece in Pictures
Samaria Gorge on Krete
Favorite of hikers, dangerous in the flood season -- check it out! Nice images here.
Gruppo Archeologico Pisano.
GAP is a volunteer association providing cultural information about Tuscany in particular; visit this page for a directory of museums (in italiano!).
Rome Reborn
A virtual reality model of classical Rome.
Anglo-American Pompeii Project.
Lots of material, including up-to-date field reports, on the endlessly fascinating site of Pompeii.
Mitho. Centro di Studi Classici e Neoclassici.
Maintained in Bassano, Italy, this page aims to provide information on classical studies in Italy.
This site offers virtual reconstructions of theaters.
Teaching Aids
Tools of the Trade for the Study of Roman Literature.
Daily Life in Ancient Greece and Rome: Course Materials
Computer Technologies and the Classics
WWW Tools for Instructors
Java-Based Learning Environment for Ancient Greek.
Try this site for help with conjugating Greek verbs.
Discussion Groups
Discussion Groups
There are many discussion groups ("lists") on the Internet devoted to various aspects of Greek and Roman antiquity and to the Middle Ages. Quality and content varies widely, from the purely scholarly to the enthusiastic amateur. You're bound to find something interesting, so explore and have fun. (Don't forget to "unsubscribe" to any list you get tired of.)


World Wide Web Resources

on Middle Eastern History

Middle East Virtual Library, or MENALIB, "provides a tool for the co-operative compilation of relevant internet resources for Middle East and Islamic studies in the database ALMISBAH" -- so a recent announcement from the editor. For further information, see MENALIB - The Virtual Library Middle East/North Africa, a paper given in St. Petersburg, Russia, in May 2001 by Lutz Wiederhold and Sibylle Wegener. To submit a URL or other data, click here.