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Department of Philosophy, Program in Neuroscience
Trinity College
Hartford, CT 06106

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Understanding consciousness is my core research interest.  This implicates phenomenology – the philosophical effort to characterize the essential structures of experience – and cognitive neuroscience –  the empirical quest to understand the function of the brain and nervous system.  Phenomenology and cognitive neuroscience are very different in their methods, presuppositions, and principal findings, so the effort to establish a scientific neurophenomenology draws broadly from many disciplines, and inevitably takes some unconventional turns.

Some areas of ongoing work include:

Both narratology and musicology deploy formal tools and templates to their domains of study.  Much of my recent work reapplies those templates to the data of neuroscience. 


Functional MRI into musical sound

...and other brainmusic videos

Web pages:

Scanning the Neurocracy: What do Brodmann Areas do?

The Labyrinth of Consciousness


Radiant Cool (MIT Press, 2003)

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·      or read about it:   Emily Eakin, “Art and Science Meet, with Novel Results.”  NYTimes, October 18, 2003.

·        Walter Ellis, “A Neuro-noir Journey to the Centre of the Mind.”  Times Higher Education Supplement, November 28, 2003.

Selected papers, by topic:



...and philosophy:


Conscious and Unconscious

Connectionism and the Freudian unconscious

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