The Marine Flora of Bermuda
My other research interests include morphological studies and the biodiversity of attached tropical marine algae. Currently, I am investigating the flora from the intertidal to deep subtidal waters of the Bermuda islands, and the phytogeographic relationships of Bermuda with the Caribbean and eastern Atlantic islands.

Systematics and Ecology of Vaucheria species
A systematic/ecological investigation of an important mud stabilizing yellow-green alga, Vaucheria, involves collections and observations in various Connecticut freshwater wetlands, as well as the manipulation of cultures in the laboratory. Various species are collected from ponds, rivers, streams, marshes, and drainage ditches throughout the state, and cultured in the lab with the purpose of isolating clonal populations. Most of the species in this genus worldwide are broadly euryhaline, which means that, unlike most other living organisms, they can acclimate from freshwater to full-strength sea water or even greater salinity. Some of the research problems of interest to my lab, aside from basic taxonomy and distribution of local populations, include comparisons of reproductive behavior of Vaucheria under a variety of temperature and photoperiod conditions, chemical constituencies of the various species that reside sympatrically, and the effects of salinity, desiccation, extremes of temperature, hypoxia and anoxia, and environmental pollutants on the survival of the several species isolated from Connecticut habitats.

Additional Research Topics in My Lab:

Members of the Trinity Algae Lab attending the 49th Northeast Algal Symposium in April 2010 at Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI. L to R, Dan McDevit ('01), PhD candidate UNB; Chris Lane ('99), Assist. Prof. URI; Riley Lane with dad, Schneider; Gina Filloramo ('10), Lilly Hancock ('08), grad student URI; Elisabeth Cianciola ('10) [winner of the President's Award at NEAS for best undergraduate presentation]; Justin Pool ('08), grad student Ohio University; Thea Popolizio, grad student in Chris' and Trinity labs.

Members of the Trinity Algae Lab attending the 51st Northeast Algal Symposium in April 2012 at the Schoodic Point Education and Research Center, Acadia Nat'l Park, Winter Harbor, Maine. L to R, Thea Popolizio, grad student in URI and Trinity labs; John Perella, honorary member; Gina Filloramo ('10), grad student UNB; Craig Schneider; Todd Chengsupanimit ('14); Amy Kivela ('12); Chris Lane ('99), Assist. Prof. URI; Dan McDevit ('01), Asst. Prof. Edison College .

Members of the Trinity Algae Lab attending the 53rd Northeast Algal Symposium in April 2014 at Salve Regina University, Newport, RI. L to R, Chris Lane ('99), Assoc. Prof. of Biology, URI; Nik Schultz ('14); Gina Filloramo ('10), grad student UNB; Craig Schneider; John Perella, honorary member; Thea Popolizio, grad student in URI and Trinity labs. Nik presented his senior research on western Atlantic Lobophora.


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