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Summary of Recent and Upcoming Instrumentation Updates and Additions

Updates or repairs to existing instrumentation occur continually as they are needed, and new capabilities are added whenever feasible. The full list of EM Facililty instrumentation may be found here. Recent updates are listed below:

Summer 2011: A new Variable-Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope will be installed with x-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS) and micro x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (uXRF), multiple SE and BSE detectors, cathodoluminescence detector, a 5-axis motorized stage, and digital image capture capabilities.

January 2011: A new bottom-mount high-resolution (2K x 2K) digital camera from AMT was installed on the CM12 TEM.

Spring/Summer 2010: Two Epson Professional large-format (to 14" x 20") archival quality R3800 printers are being installed to replace the Epson 980N printers (c. 2003). Summer 2009: An upgraded side-mount digital camera (1Kx1K) from AMT was installed on the CM12 TEM to replace the original (c. 1997) model.

Spring 2009: A Chamberscope was installed on the SEM to facilitate specimen exchange, stage movement, and multiple simultaneous detector manipulations.

Fall 2008: X-ray and backscattered electron image mapping were added to the suite of SEM capabilities.

Summer 2008: Light-element detector upgrades for both of the analytical EMs (SEM and CM12 TEM) were installed during the summer.

Spring 2008: A new backscattered electron (BSE) detector was delivered and installed on the SEM.

Summer 2007: A generous in-kind donation was received from Boehringer-Ingelheim comprised of 4 major instruments for cryo-preparation of biological specimens.

Fall 2006: A new deionized water system was purchased jointly by all of the sciences and installed in the Life Sciences Center EM Prep Lab.

April 2005: The SEM moved from a shared labortory setting into newly renovated, dedicated quarters in the McCook Building.