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Electron Microscopes, Microprobes, & Microanalysis at Trinity
Zeiss EM900 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) UPDATE! Fall 2011 New Philips CM10 Transmission Electron Microscope (Life Sciences)
Life Sciences Center

Philips CM12 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM/STEM) for Materials Sciences
McCook Building

Cambridge CamScan Series 4 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Clement Hall (Chemistry Dept.)

JEOL JSM-IC848A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) UPDATE! Fall 2011 New NSF-funded ZEISS EVO Environmental SEM Fall 2011
McCook Building

X-ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)

Noran SystemSix (on CamScan SEM) - UPDATED Spring 2005

iXRF Iridium 2000/Gresham 30mm2 (on Philips TEM/STEM) - UPDATED Summer 2008
iXRF IridiumPlus/Gresham 10mm2 (on ZEISS SEM) - UPDATED Summer 2011

EM Sample Preparation Equipment at Trinity

Reichert Ultracut E Ultramicrotomes (4) (one including cryo-sectioning apparatus, UPDATED Dec 2004)

LKB 7601A Glass Knife Maker

Diamond knives:

45 degree Ultrathin (4)

35 degree Ultrathin (2)

6 mm Histo (2)

Cryodiamond (1)

Gatan DuoMill Ion Mill

Denton DV-502A Vacuum Evaporator
Sputter coater (Au, Au/Pd, Cr)
Carbon C, tungsten W, platinum Pt, chromium Cr evaporator
Glow discharge
Rotary shadowing

South Bay Technology:

Tripod Polishers (6)

Lapping Tables (2)

Slow-speed Diamond Saw

SBT/VCR Group Dimpler 512i

Polaron E3100 Critical Point Dryer
BioWave Microwave Oven - NEW FALL 2011

EM Darkrooms & Data Recording

Large-format darkroom enlargers

Durst Laborator 45-S enlarger (2)

Negative scanners

Agfa DuoScan model T2500, 2400x2400 optical resolution

Epson Perfection model 750, 2400x4800 - UPDATED Summer 2010

Digital Presentation System - UPDATED Spring 2004
    ---42" HD-Plasma TV
   ---Gateway E6100 tower computer with 1GB RAM
    ---wireless keyboard and mouse
   ---CD read/write and DVD
    ---15" LCD TV for real-time display from LMs and Microtomes
    ---suitable for group viewing
    ---multiple-input digital editing (Comp-video, S-video, USB, Firewire)

Wild Stereo Viewer

Digital recording:

Advanced Microscopy Techniques (AMT) digital camera (on Philips CM10 TEM) - UPDATED January 2012

Advanced Microscopy Techniques (AMT) digital camera (on Philips CM12 TEM/STEM) -
Sidemount (1Kx1K): Installed Summer 2009
Bottommount (2Kx2K): Installed Winter 2011
iXRF Iridium digital imaging & analysis for SEM & STEM plus x-ray mapping (on Philips CM12 TEM/STEM) - UPDATED Summer 2011

Sony DCR PC100 digital video camera

Nikon Coolpix 990 digital still camera

iXRF Iridium Plus digital imaging plus x-ray mapping (on ZEISS SEM) - UPDATED Summer 2011

Digital Image Printers:

HP 2100 laser printer (2)

Epson Artisan 50 and Artisan 835 color inkjet printers Summer 2011

Epson Professional R3800 (2) Installed Summer 2010