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The Electron Microscopy Library

The Electron Microscopy Library has a fine collection of over 150 reference texts, many currently out-of-print, in all areas of electron microscopy. The Library also has 75 instructional VHS videotapes, several interactive CDs, and EM-related journals. Materials and life sciences topics are about equally represented.

The EM Library is housed in the Director's office in Life Sciences 314a, with a satellite location in Life Sciences 329-south.
>> Reference texts *
>> Instructional VHS videotapes *
>> Interactive CDs
* (under construction)
>> Journals, newsletters, & trade publications * (under construction)
>> WWW reference sites

>> Computer-based instructional tutorials (under construction)

* To best use these files, select either the "Open in Excel" or the "Save to Disk", depending on your computer. The standard view lists the entries by 'title'. However, in Excel, you can sort by author, field (M=materials, B=life sciences), etc., as desired.

Presentation Facilities
The EM Lab in
LSC-329-south houses a Gateway Dimension Presentation System that includes a 42" HDTV, and is suitable for viewing the VHS videotapes, CDs and DVDs, or other output in a group setting. Digital images from the computer may be output to several high-definition printers, manipulated with image processing software, or set up for display with presentation software.
Access to Library Resources
During a scheduled course, selected materials are made available to the students using the EM Lab in LSC-329-south. Outside of regularly scheduled courses, contact Ann Lehman, Director of the EM Facility, for access to the Presentation Computer or to the resources listed here.