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Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival attracts artists from around the world

The Trinity College Temple of Hip Hop, the first college chapter of KRS-One, hosted the third annual Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival in early April. The events and guests included musicians, activists, pioneers, filmmakers, DJ’s, and graffiti writers. The festival, the largest international hip-hop event in the United States, is also the first of its kind. It brings together the experience of the “old school” pioneers with the passion of hiphop musicians from around the world. Last year, the festival gained worldwide attention for its effectiveness in blending cultures and combining hip-hop with academic interests.

Co-organizer Zee Santiago ’09 says, “This is the first event of its kind that demonstrates how hip-hop has become an international culture, as well as an accepted academic area of study.”

This year’s guests included keynote speaker Bakari Kitwana (author of The Hip-Hop Generation and Why White Kids Love Hip Hop), Baba Israel (Australia/USA), La Bruja (Puerto Rico), Shokanti with Chachi and crew (Cape Verde), Abyssinian Creole (Seattle), Self- Suffice (Hartford), African Underground All Stars, Grandmaster Caz and Tony Tone from the Cold Crush Brothers; Grand Wizard Theodore, Trinity alumni Trust Your Struggle, Connecticutbased Kemistree and Zaquan, Zimbabwe Legit (Zimbabwe/USA); Sam the Kid (Portugal); Jewish emcee Y-Love (presented by Trinity College’s Hillel House); female super-group Anomolies; spoken word collective iLL-Literacy; and Rebel Diaz (Chile/Puerto Rico), among many other international artists.

For more information on this year’s festival, go to http://trinityhiphop.org

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