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A Visitor’s Guide to Colonial and Revolutionary Mid-Atlantic America
Patricia Foulke ’70 and Robert Foulke
The Countryman Press, 2007; 344 pages

Politics, Desire, and the Hollywood Novel
Chip Rhodes ’87
University of Iowa Press, 2008; 190 pages

Gold, Silver, and Guns
George E. Smith ’52
Self-published, 2007; 132 pages

Kelly: A Father, a Son, an American Quest
Daniel J. Boyne ’82
Mystic Seaport, 2007; 242 pages

Manhood and Patriotic Awakening in the Civil War
Robert Bruce Donald ’07 MA
Hamilton Books, 2008; 116 pages

Forgiveness: A Philosophical Exploration
Charles L. Griswold ’73
Cambridge University Press, 2007; 268 pages

Dissent: Voices of Conscience
Susan Dixon ’90 and Col. (Ret.) Ann Wright
Koa Books, 2008; 278 pages

Regionalism in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor
Edited by Gary Reger, professor of history, and Hugh Elton
Ausonius, 2007; 207 pages

The Soiling of Old Glory: The Story of a Photograph that Shocked America
Louis P. Masur, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of American Institutions and Values
Bloomsbury Press, 2008; 224 pages