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Spring 2008 Reporter cover

along the walk
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Last October, Mark Silk, director of the Leonard Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life and professor of religion in public life, created a blog, Spiritual Politics, to comment on religion in the 2008 election campaign.

Silk noted that in this presidential election, the two major political parties were intensely focused on religion. Although the Greenberg Center publishes a magazine, Religion in the News, to track media coverage of religion three times a year, Silk realized that the news cycle moved too fast for that medium to respond in as timely a fashion as a blog could. So he and several contributors started a blog to post quick comments on current events.

Today, Silk writes the majority of the posts himself in the form of longer essays and news commentary, as well as original reporting. The process takes time and requires him to stay abreast of developing news.

Despite the daily commitment, Silk finds the blog to be an interesting and welcome exercise. A religion reporter for the Associated Press and a Trinity faculty member are among those who have sent appreciative e-mail. Silk also receives comments on his posts, though most readers react through their own blogs.

Silk will continue the blog at least until the election in November. After that, he’s unsure of its fate, though it may focus more generally on religion in politics. With the election over, he doesn’t foresee stopping, but he looks forward to the current level of intensity winding down.

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