Football Philosophy

Trinity College

Our football program exists for our players. As coaches, we are responsible for preparing each individual to become the best football player he can be. Football is a microcosm of life. The most successful people in life exhibit discipline, a strong work ethic, loyalty, and teamwork. We demand that our players exhibit these characteristics. In our program, we teach our players to set goals, and they learn how to keep these goals in focus and achieve them. The ultimate purpose of our program is to have each student-athlete leave with a superior education and a feeling that his four years at Trinity, and in our football program, have been the best four years of his life.

The top priority of student-athletes is to enhance their education. The academic success of our players is, therefore, our primary focus. The support we give to student-athletes can contribute greatly to their accomplishments in the classroom. One way that our program seeks to nurture our players’ academic success is through regular study halls for all freshmen.

In recruiting student-athletes, our coaching staff looks for well-rounded individuals. In addition to athletic ability, maturity is of paramount importance to us. Great players are more than just superior athletes. They understand what it takes to excel in the classroom, to be active in the campus community, and to perform on the football field.

OFFENSE – Offensively, we will employ a multiple attack that will utilize different combinations of players. A good offense appears more complicated than it is to the defense and creates confusion in the minds of defenders. And while the balance between run and pass is partially based on game situations, a quality team must be able to run the football when it needs to, and a championship team also must be able to throw the ball effectively. Our running game will be based on our ability to stretch a defense and create running lanes. Our passing attack will be based on our ability to overload zones by releasing the maximum number of receivers into patterns.

DEFENSE – Great defensive teams must be able to stop the run and force an offense to pass the football. Keeping this in mind, our defense will be attack-oriented and will utilize multiple looks and simple schematics. We will defend the pass with a number of zone and man-to-man schemes. We want to be a big-play defense that minimizes the big plays generated by the opponent’s offense.

KICKING – The kicking game is critical to our success. Special teams are just as important as our offense and defense. A starter on special teams is a starter in our program. Consistency on these teams will allow us to maintain field position and control the tempo of a game. It is less important to win games with special teams than it is to avoid losing games with them.