A Perfect Season


The vaunted line of ’49 disappeared with graduation and the Class of ’52 had advanced to the hallowed ground of upperclassmen and the record they carried with them on the gridiron was unblemished.
As the weeks of hectic preparation fled, the first test on the gridiron loomed – and the prospect of meeting a Williams squad with one game under their belt was far from joyous. After a costly Trin fumble and interception to start the game, the Ephmen tallied the first six points and the home stands groaned with apprehension. But the Blue and Gold retaliated quickly and surged ahead with Vibert’s extra point – only to have their efforts nullified by another Ephmen TD. From this point on, a frustrated Williams was never again to see the shadows of the goal post as Trin went on to amass a total of 415 yards, producing the final result of 34-13.
The next adversary on the schedule was Norwich – and the poor Cadets, land minded as they are, found themselves quite at sea. The Hilltoppers seemed to have possession of the Leahy amulet – everything worked – Norwich 0 Trin 71 – even the scoreboard refused to be witness to the massacre. The next week found us in alien territory at Hobart and with our former ace quarterback, Whitey Kunkiewicz, unable to play in his senior year, Ed Ludorf filled the position, and was not long in showing the fans the type of football wizardry they hoped for. The first touchdown against a disillusioned Hobart came on the fourth down in aerial form – Ludorf to Aiken. Pickett and DePatie turned the game into a complete rout as both scooted and scampered at will. The score, luckily for Hobart, only reached the proportion of 42-0.
Trin now was intent on coaxing the Middlebury Panthers into their training cage. Trin’s ’48 campaign had bogged down in the Panther’s den and now the Bantams were eager for something to crow about. Goralski and Magnoli, abetted by Hall, Ludorf and Pitkin, snapped the offensive whip and the final score was 69-13, Trin.
The invading Engineers from Worcester Tech had little luck in their attempt to stop the surging wave of Blue and Gold. Two veterans performed spectacularly in the humiliating defeat of 62-0; Corcoran unleashed his winged feet and took a Tech kickoff for a 95 yard jaunt – then Eblen added confusion to the melee by taking the bandages off his injured knee and adding six more points.
A formidable hurdle was to be cleared in the land of Lord Jeff. The Jeffs were not to be pushed around – the first quarter found both teams looking sluggish – the field wet and commencing to be soggy made running bog down and passing dangerous. Aiken repeatedly got Trin out of tough scrapes and placed the Jeffs back on their heels – a 50-yard boot landed within inches of the one yard stripe. The third quarter saw little in offense – both teams excelling in their defensive rolls – Little Sam Nakaso, Sherman, Garrison Oberg, Wentworth, McDonnell, Hutnick, Simoni and Kulus all contributed to the great defensive game put up by the Bantams. Something was due to break – but when – AND FOR WHOM? – were the things that kept everybody treading water in the bleachers. Finally, De Patie on a pitchout from Ludorf did the trick – a faster piece of running never will be seen. Vibert added the extra ‘one’. The deciding blood had been drawn – the Jeffs let down – on their next punt Goralski scooted 40 yards for pay mud. The Jeffs did manage to score but failed in the conversion – Trin immediately duplicated the action, and Vibert’s sure toe paid off once again. Trin 21- Amherst 6.
Yes, it was here once more – our arch rival from Wesleyan had come up to pay us a social call (we hoped). Many of the seniors on the squad, Rog Hall, Bill Pitkin, Corcoran, Eblen, Sherman and Barrows remembered only too well the recent defeats handed us by the Cards. The previous night witnessed one of the biggest rallies in Trin history, and the crowd that assembled at the gates well before opening time showed evidences of laryngitis, drooping eyelids and occasional hiccups. As was to be expected Wes was tough – a line that almost matched ours – and it looked as if the big game might end up in a tie. Finally the old scoring combination of Ludorf to Aiken clicked – a catch by the latter few will forget – and the game rested on the slim margin of ‘1’ – all depended on Wes’s conversion. Final score Trin 7- Wes 6.
A perfect season (7-0) for Trin was in sight but Tufts had been acting erratically all season long and once more stomach butterflies were rampant. Tufts was by no means a pushover – fighting hard all the way, they thwarted the Blue and Gold’s goal-line drives. Eventually, Ludorf hit Aiken for the only score of the game – Vib did miss the point – but who cares – we had our undefeated season – eight perfect games for the Hilltoppers. (Article taken from Trinity Yearbook-The Ivy)