Young Alumni Profiles


Trinity football is no stranger to records, and as we’ve seen, neither are the other teams in Trinity’s athletic program. But this year, Trinity College broke all kinds of records off the field as well. Some remarkable statistics: 55.4 percent of Trinity alumnus gave back to their alma matter over the most recent fiscal year, including 92 percent from the graduating class of 2008.

These two numbers are not just significant because of their financial implications for the College, but more because they represent a proud collection of alums; according to the numbers, one of the proudest in the nation. Here are some examples of young alumni from the football program who proudly carry their Trinity experiences with them today.

Meet Greg Ward
Class: 2003
Position(s): Quarterback
Occupation: Owns a mortgage company
Involvement: Attends games, Trinity Football Touchdown Club, golf outing, occasional visits with recruits
On his experience at Trinity… “Trinity helped with my ability to research and my need and desire to stay on top of things. The liberal arts education gives you the ability to broaden your view and enhances your ability to learn.”
How playing football at Trinity has helped his career… “The biggest thing I learned while playing football at Trinity is how to stay prepared.”

Meet Brendan Bowes
Class: 2004
Position(s): Defensive tackle, left guard
Occupation: Law clerk, 4th-year student at Suffolk Law School
Involvement: Attends at least one game a year, keeps connected with program
On his experience at Trinity… “Trinity taught me how to think critically - how to analyze a set of facts and come up with a solution, which is important for a lawyer.”
How playing football at Trinity has helped his career… “Playing football at Trinity taught me how to win. When preparing for a case, you have to work hard and keep the goal in mind. When it comes down to game day you have to be ready to go.”

Meet Matt Glasz
Class: 2003
Position(s): Cornerback
Occupation: Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Trinity College
Involvement: Attends games, stays connected with alums and with program
On his experience at Trinity… “Trinity students are well-rounded. You have to get your hands in different academic areas, and you have to learn how to deal with people. I obviously have a strong affinity for the school. I enjoy working here because it allows me to stay in touch with Trinity people, and it‘s a great working environment.”
How playing football at Trinity has helped his career… “The networking possibilities as an alum and former player are very strong. The football program is in good hands [with Coach Jeff Devanney]. People are very happy he is running the program because he is aware of the tradition.”

Meet Brian Manning
Class: 2006
Position(s): Linebacker
Occupation: Developer and owner of
Involvement: Attends Trinity games, stays connected with program, and works closely with coaching staff, who use as a method of consolidating all team materials, eliminating encyclopedia-sized playbooks and handouts, and giving the team a platform to upload game film.
On his experience at Trinity… “The liberal arts was a huge selling point for me. Trinity allowed me to take a diverse collection of classes, which is really great.”
How playing football at Trinity has helped his career… “You learn that you have to do what you have to do to get things done, and when you do, there are rewards.”