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December 2005

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  Game Allows Students to React to the Past
In Reacting to the Past seminars, created at Barnard College in 1995, students are assigned a role to play as part of a team, known as a “faction,” which engages students by creating a competitive atmosphere in the structure of a game. ... read more

College Hosts Conference on Retention and Success
Representatives from various colleges and universities that make up the Consortium on High Achievement and Success (CHAS) gathered in Mather Hall on November 18-20 for the organization’s fifth annual conference of its Working Group on the Retention, Success, and Satisfaction of African American and Latino male college students. ... read more

  Lessons and Carols Stir Chapel
The College community received a special holiday season treat on Sunday, December 11 as acclaimed soprano Christine Brewer participated in this year’s annual Service of Lessons and Carols for Christmas in the Trinity Chapel.
... read more

Administrative Staff Group Making an Impact on Campus
Members of the Improved Personnel Advisory Committee at Trinity, or IMPACT, are moving ahead with an agenda for the spring semester. ... read more

Trinity Employees and Students Celebrate Fiesta Latina
Over 80 students, staff members, and professors attended the first-ever Fiesta Latina in Hamlin Hall to celebrate the Latino workforce on campus. ... read more


Sports Highlights

Coach Priore Accepts Position at Stony Brook

Basketball and Hockey Teams Off to Winning Starts

... read more

In the News
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Recognizing members of the campus community for their years of service to Trinity ... click here

College staff and student workers handed out more than 40 refurbished computers to neighborhood residents and grandparents from the “Parents the Second Time Around” program in Hartford as part of Trinfo Café’s annual holiday giveaway. O’Rayan Velarde ’09 is shown helping one of the grandmothers carry a refurbished computer to her car.

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Amy DeBaun  

Amy DeBaun
Director of Campus Life

It still happens to her, although not as often as it used to: Amy DeBaun, the former Amy Howard, might be walking down the Long Walk or waiting for a coffee in Funston Café when someone will stop her. “You look very familiar,” they might say, “but I can’t quite place you.” She will smile, wait a moment or two to see if the person figures it out, and then introduce herself.  read more ...

Jeffrey Kaimowitz  

What they’re reading…

Jeffrey Kaimowitz
Head Librarian, Watkinson Library


"When I was in graduate school four decades ago, critical theory in classics was basically unheard of. I have picked up something of structuralism, deconstruction, the new historicism, etc. along the way, but never found myself wanting to read in any depth about criticism. I have been much more interested in reading the original literature. Still, I felt a gap in education and a few years ago I bought a very well-reviewed book by the English classicist Don Fowler, Roman Constructions: Readings in Postmodern Latin. I bought it, but then could not bring myself to read it. Recently, however, I began reading it right through." read more ...

The Service of Lessons and Carols was held for the first time in the Trinity College Chapel on December 14, 1958.  The music was performed by the Cantores Sancti, a group of “sacred singers” under the direction of Professor of Music Clarence Watters.  The Canores Sancti included members of the Chapel Choir along with some 20 boy sopranos from St. John’s Church in West Hartford, where Watters also served as organist and choral director. The Lessons and Carols service at Trinity is based on the service conducted at King’s College Chapel at Cambridge University.

Campus Survey: Which do you prefer: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?
Merry Christmas – It is a religious holiday.  
Happy Holidays – It is more inclusive.  
Merry Christmas – It is traditional.  
It depends on who's greeting whom.  
Bah Humbug!  
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