Trustee Awards for Excellence

The College has announced that the Board of Trustees recently created a Trustee Award for Faculty Excellence and a Trustee Award for Student Excellence, both of which are expected to be given for the first time in the spring of 2005.

The official descriptions of the awards read as follows:

The Trustee Award for Faculty Excellence may be presented annually to honor a faculty member whose achievements in scholarship, teaching, and one or more other spheres of professional, civic, or personal endeavor exemplify Trinity College’s high standards of excellence and bring distinction to the institution. The recipient is chosen by the Board of Trustees in the spring, and the award is presented at Commencement. [The scholarship requirement can be waived in the case of a member of the physical education faculty who otherwise has demonstrated the necessary level of excellence in multiple spheres of activity.]

The Trustee Award for Student Excellence may be presented annually to a full-time junior or senior who has compiled an outstanding academic record and whose achievements in one or more other areas of activity, such as athletics, campus or community service, or leadership of student organizations, exemplify the high standards of excellence to which Trinity College expects all of its students to aspire. The recipient is chosen by the Board of Trustees in the spring, and the award is presented at Commencement if the recipient is a senior and the following fall term if the recipient is a junior.

“One of the real advantages of serving as a trustee is the ability to learn of the many accomplishments of members of the Trinity family,” notes Trustee Bill Turner ’62. “With this in mind, the board recently established a fund to recognize faculty, students, and members of the College staff for their excellence. Our major challenge now is to select from so many deserving choices.”

All members of the campus community are invited to nominate qualified individuals for these awards. At the start of the spring term, instructions about how to make nominations will be sent to students, faculty members, administrative officers, and support staff, with a February 15 deadline for receipt of nominations. Pending distribution of those instructions, you are encouraged to begin thinking about whom you may want to nominate.

If you have questions about the awards, please direct them to Associate Academic Dean Ron Spencer, who is helping to administer the nomination and selection process, at

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