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December 2004

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Committee Makes Recommendations on Structure and Governance
The Special Committee on Institutional Administration and Governance is nearing the completion of its assignment to study the administrative structures at Trinity College. more

Trustee Awards for Excellence
The College has announced that the Board of Trustees recently created a Trustee Award for Faculty Excellence and a Trustee Award for Student Excellence. more

  Return from Everest
Field Hockey Coach Anne Parmenter returned recently from climbing Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, as co-leader of the Connecticut Everest Expedition. more

  Connecting Students with Campus History
In an effort to encourage current students to recognize those who came before them, the College has launched a new phase of the Historical Marker Project. more

  Trinity Supports the United Way
Members of the campus community demonstrated once again their generosity and willingness to help others by turning out in significant numbers to support the 2004 United Way Campaign. here

  Sports Highlights
The men’s ice hockey team opened the season in style, routing Southern Maine, 7-2, to give Head Coach John Dunham his 400th career victory. more

In the News here for recent media coverage of Trinity College.

What they’re reading…

Terry Hosig
Associate Registrar

“I just finished reading Double Shot by Diana Mott Davidson. It is the newest book in a series that revolves around a caterer, Goldie Schultz, who is addicted to caffeine and is sometimes a hapless private detective. The books aren’t exactly thought-provoking, just pure fluff and entertainment. A redeeming factor, for me, is that they do include lots of recipes that are sure to clog your arteries. Double Shot focuses on the death of Goldie’s ex-husband, a.k.a. “the Jerk,” and the series of unfortunate and, at times, funny events that follow her from at first being a suspect to eventually solving the crime. I thought this book was fun, and it was a good choice for me during the advanced registration period.”

Santa Claus showed up for the College’s 4th annual holiday computer giveaway at the Trinfo Café.


Andrew Miller
Director of Quest

Andy Miller likes to challenge himself to exceed his own expectations. That’s why the 1999 graduate of Kalamazoo College accepted President Jones’ offer to move east in October to help establish the Quest program at Trinity. “Coming to Trinity offered a great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a person,” he says. “That’s something I think we all need, and that’s really what Quest is all about.”

The College’s Quest program, which will be open to 50 incoming students in the fall of 2005, is an optional, extended pre-orientation program that will provide students with a 17-day wilderness experience designed to build physical, mental, and leadership skills in a pristine natural environment. The students will be bused from Hartford to Killarney Provincial Park in southern Ontario, Canada, where they will be divided into groups. The pre-planned itinerary includes hiking, canoeing, and working on the crew of an 80-foot boat as well as climbing and rappelling. The program also calls for a two-day solo outing for each participant, during which s/he will have an opportunity to reflect on the experience.

“I can tell you without exaggeration that, when I participated in a similar program before my first year at Kalamazoo, it changed my life,” explains Miller. “I discovered that I was able to do things I had never even imagined trying. I learned how to get along with people who were different from me, how to cope with adversity, how to take care of myself, and how to be part of a team. What I learned in the woods came in handy at exam time—it gave me confidence. I knew I was up to the challenge. That’s what Quest can provide to Trinity students, an opportunity to discover themselves and exceed their own expectations.”

An English major who minored in music, Miller worked as a fifth and sixth grade teacher in an experiential learning program in California before returning to his alma mater to work in its extended pre-orientation program. He writes songs and plays the guitar in a mini-studio that he has set up in his apartment near campus. Among his other duties at Trinity are serving as an on-call administrator and coordinating the Academically Incorrect series.

Miller is in the process of recruiting students (rising sophomores through recent graduates), faculty, and staff members to serve as program facilitators and team leaders for the Quest program. Anyone who is interested should contact him at extension 4204 or at

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