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November 3, 2003

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Taking Action Following Dialogue Day
Approximately 25 faculty members, staff, and administrators attended the Action Forum on October 14. A follow-up to the Dialogue Day held in September, the Action Forum was the “next step” in developing concrete means for acceptance of all manner of diversity at Trinity.
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Faculty Members Participate in American Studies Conference
Several members of the Trinity faculty took part in the 2003 Annual Meeting of the American Studies Association, which was held in Hartford, October 16-19. 
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Intellectual Engagement: How Well Are Our Students Doing?
On October 9, at a lunch seminar sponsored by the Trinity Center for Collaborative Teaching and Research (TCCTR), Kent Smith and J. Hughes of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) presented some of their recent research on the degree to which Trinity students are "intellectually engaged."...read more

Honors and Awards
Recent honors and awards received by Trinity faculty and staff.
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Give Thanks in a Tangible Form
Thanks to the continued support of the Trinity community, the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group (ConnPIRG) and the Annual Community Events Staff (ACES) will once again hold their annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive for M.D. Fox Elementary School.
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Sports Highlights
Anne Parmenter Inducted Into Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame
Head field hockey coach Anne Parmenter was one of nine 2003 inductees into the Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame.
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Who's New
A list of those who have recently joined the Trinity Community.
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photo from Homecoming football game

An enthusiastic crowd gathered for the Homecoming game versus Bowdoin on October 18.


Lesley Farlow:
Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance,
Investigator of the Human Spirit

“Dance and theater are primarily an investigation of the human spirit,” explains Lesley Farlow.  “Movement is our native language.  I look to create and teach from that source.”  Now in her fifth year at Trinity, Farlow has performed with some of the world’s most notable dancers and performance artists.  She also coordinated the Oral History Project at the Dance Division of the Library for Performing Arts at Lincoln Center and created the AIDS Oral History Project.

Having worked as a dancer, actress, and choreographer in Europe as well as the United States, Farlow brings a performer’s perspective into the classroom.  She encourages her students to do as much as they can during college to cultivate not only their technique, but also their curiosity about the world.  “That way you’ll have something to make art about,” she says.  “And then go out and do it.  Wait tables.  Drive a cab.  Do what you have to do to be fully engaged as an artist.  But if it’s not your passion, don’t do it.  It is a tough and demanding life.”

Farlow’s professional resume is an impressive one.  She is the founder and co-artistic director of AKA Movement Theater, has worked Off and Off-Off Broadway, and has danced with such notable performers as Phyllis Lamhut, Douglas Dunn, Ann Carlson, Johanna Boyce and Martha Bowers.  She is a graduate of Smith College and holds a master’s degree in performance studies from New York University.  Trinity is her first foray into academia.  

In her own performances, Farlow has developed solo works that explore the contemporary relevance of such complex figures as Little Red Riding Hood and Eve.  “I create pieces that combine movement, text, and music.  They often center around a journey of some sort: the discovery of a comet by a 19th-century astronomer, Eve leaving the garden, or little Red Riding Hood’s emergence from the old, old story into her own.  I am interested in how the confluence of dance and theater can more deeply express the personal, the political, and the spiritual.”

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