Taking Action Following Dialogue Day

Approximately 25 faculty members, staff, and administrators attended the Action Forum on October 14. A follow-up to the Dialogue Day held in September, the Action Forum was the “next step” in developing concrete means for acceptance of all manner of diversity at Trinity.

According to Post-Graduate Fellow for Multicultural Affairs, Haron Atkinson, the two-hour event yielded a number of suggestions and ideas that will be closely looked at and delegated to the proper institutional organizations. Atkinson explains, “The idea is to utilize the resources we already have in place to help make things better for the entire community.” He cites the example of a suggestion that a Residence Hall Council System be established, separate from the R.A. system, and notes that the idea will be forwarded to the Residential Life office. “Then they may take a look at its feasibility and begin to take some steps towards making that a reality,” Atkinson says.

Among the myriad, insightful suggestions for action, the most frequently cited included:

  • Enhance publicity for programs sponsored by campus cultural and service organizations
  • Establish residence hall councils to create a greater sense of ownership of the campus environment
  • Assure that public events -- both those sponsored by College offices and those sponsored by student organizations -- are genuinely inclusive.
  • Encourage faculty and staff involvement with student organizations
  • Encourage and enable faculty to incorporate relevant diversity content in existing courses
  • Strengthen and incorporate diversity-related content in First-Year Program 2nd semester colloquia 

According to Atkinson, “We have many good suggestions, now the next step is to figure out which organizational structures are already in place to get things started.”

For a detailed report on the Action Forum, contact Atkinson at ext. 4251.


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