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“There are three Pride Blocks in Blue Hills, three in upper Albany, two in Barry Square and one each in Parkville, Asylum Hill, Frog Hollow and the Northeast. Trinity College has pledged to fund a thirteenth Pride Block in the Frog Hollow neighborhood.”

From “Perez Designates ‘Rising Star Blocks,’” The Hartford Courant, September 6, 2003

“Like Socrates and Plato, [visiting lecturer Cornell] West urged the audience and especially the freshman class, to consider killing off preconceived notions of race and democracy as they begin their college education . .  . He urged students not to get so caught up in academics that they forget Trinity is located in one of the poorest cities in America. “Consider education in its deepest form,” he said, urging them to . . . “learn to think freely and to live freely.”

From “West Challenges Trinity,” The Hartford Courant, September 5, 2003

“It is important to note the person who gave the [Chapel] its spirit and soul: Trinity’s president, the Rev. Dr. Remsen B. Ogilby. A man of tireless energy and vision. .  . Ogilby also had a great sense of humor. At a party on graduation night. . . he gestured widely with a seltzer bottle and managed to clobber Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the mouth, breaking off two of FDR’s front teeth. Later Ogilby is said to have remarked, ‘It’s a pity I didn’t do a better job!’”

From “Take a Pew,” Hartford Magazine, September, 2003.

“Now [Trinity] plans to build an $8 million sports complex with an indoor ice-skating rink at the northeast corner of Broad Street and New Britain Avenue near the campus. . .This latest example of generosity should enhance Trinity’s reputation as an institution with a longstanding commitment to working with its neighbors for improved housing, schools and social services.”

From “A New Hartford Sports Complex,” The Hartford Courant, August 4, 2003

“This could well be one of their first experiences in a natural, rural habitat. That was the case for some last year, and it was wonderful to witness.” Scott Smedley, environmental science professor, on the Hartford-area students studying field biology at the Trinity College Field Station at Church Farm this past summer, through the Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program (CPEP).

From ”Inner-city Kids Get Field Lab Experience,” Connecticut Post, August 3, 2003

“Once you go in [to Iraq], you really get a sense of the gravity, the scope of violations. Everyone we spoke to had been touched. This was a republic of terror. Everyone was terrified.”

Maryam Elahi, director of the Human Rights program, on her fact-finding trip to Iraq this past May. From “Human Rights Activist Hears, Firsthand, of Hussein’s Terror,” The Hartford Courant, June 2, 2003

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