A Little Productive Outrage is an Excellent Thing
Annual Conference on Hunger and Homelessness Returns to Trinity

Trinity College will host the 16th Annual Conference on Hunger and Homelessness, “Building a Strong Community, Building a Stronger Country,” from October 31 through November 2. Sponsored by the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness (NSCAHH) the conference kicks off a year of student action, bringing together over 300 student activists from across the country to learn more about the issues of hunger and homelessness and gain valuable leadership skills to help them launch, sustain, and grow programs in their own communities.

Joe Barber, director of Community Service and Civic Engagement, notes that the conference inspires “productive outrage,” which, he adds, is essential when trying to make a difference. “It is unconscionable for hunger and homelessness to exist in a country with such an abundance of resources,” he explains. As to the “productive” portion of the outrage, Barber adds that the conference gives students the knowledge and ability to make a difference.

Barber notes that he and Trinity students have attended and assisted with every Annual Conference on Hunger and Homelessness since it was first held at Trinity in 1999, running workshops, serving on panels, providing logistical support, and providing advice and support to the national campaign staff.  “I love this conference because it allows those in service efforts around the country to share stories, ideas, frustrations, problems, and solutions.” Barber explains, “It also provides activists an opportunity to reflect on the importance of what we do, how it fits into the bigger picture, and reminds that there is, indeed, a bigger picture!”

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