Jones Inaugurated as President

  A view of the inaugural ceremony from the Chapel.
  A view of the inaugural ceremony from the Chapel. For more photos, click here.
(photo Al Ferreira)

James F. Jones, Jr. was inaugurated as the 21st president of Trinity College on Sunday, October 16, 2004. More than 1,500 alumni, students, and guests gathered on the main quad to celebrate the occasion, during which Jones accepted a warm welcome from dignitaries, distinguished alumni, and educators and shared his views on the past, present, and future state of higher learning and the importance of liberal arts education.

The inauguration was preceded by a colorful academic procession, including Trinity faculty and more than 85 delegates from other colleges and universities, and a welcoming address by former Trinity Trustee William C. Richardson ’62, also president emeritus of Johns Hopkins University and president and CEO of the Kellogg Foundation. Following greetings from parent, student, faculty, staff, and alumni representatives, Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez ’96 welcomed Jones and his wife, Jan, to Hartford.

As the new president, Jones received the four traditional symbols of the Trinity presidency, the Mace, the Book, the Key, and the Presidential Collar. The Owen Morgan Mace stands for the president’s new executive power; it is made of ebony, signifying endurance; bronze, meaning power; and gold, symbolizing dignity and glory. The Book has been placed in the hands of every Trinity graduate at Commencement since 1827, and signifies the delegation of responsibility to the president for maintaining the educational activities for which Trinity was founded. The Key, which symbolizes the turning over of the physical properties of the College to the president, is made of bronze and is one of the keys that turned the original lock in the door of Williams Memorial. The Presidential Collar, which is worn on ceremonial occasions, is the visible symbol of the president’s high office and authority.

Jones came to Trinity from Kalamazoo College, where he served as president and professor in the humanities. At Kalamazoo, Jones successfully led the movement to reposition the College to play a pivotal role in the local community while winning extensive external support from prominent national foundations. He also implemented the development of a strategic plan for Kalamazoo, focusing primarily on strengthening the faculty, improving information technology on campus, and renovating the residence and dining halls.

“Trinity College has been a center for intellectual engagement for 181 years,” said Board of Trustees Chairman Paul E. Raether ’68. “With President Jones’ commitment to liberal arts education and his proven ability to lead a comprehensive campaign for the College’s future, our faculty, students, and staff are positioned to work alongside him to focus our resources and energies on the next vital stage of the College’s growth.”

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