Trinity Golf League Banquet


Trinity Golf League members celebrate their inaugural season during the Golf League Awards Banquet at the Smith House.

The participants in Trinity’s Golf League gathered at Smith House for a celebration dinner on September 17 to mark the completion of its successful inaugural season.  Co-sponsored by the Special Events Office and Chartwells Food Service, the well-attended banquet featured prizes for the members of all seven teams that took part in the friendly competition.  The winning team consisted of Walt Adamy, Andy Levesque, Renee Counts, and Ethan Kravitz.

The brainchild of College Bookstore manager Mohammed Farooque, the league played on Friday afternoons, at four different public courses, between June and August.  “It was a great way for the Trinity community to interact and meet one another in a fun and competitive environment,” explained Mohammed.  “We had players of all skill levels, from all over campus.”  The league will begin its second season in June, and hopes to have additional teams join the fun.      


Fem Fab Four

  • Joanne Grondin, Business

  • Patty Connolly, Special Events

  • Rita Law, Communications

  • Linda Luby, Development

We Love Birdies

  • Phil Duffy, Audio Visual 

  • Maria Rondinelli

  • Mary Whalen, Admissions

  • Gary Dumas, Riverfront Recapture

The Hackers

  • Luca Pizzoferrato, Computing Center

  • Jennifer Steadman, English

  • Michael O’Donnell, Biology Lab

  • Brian Berry, Computing Center

The Shaggers

  • Mohammad Farooque, College Bookstore

  • Karen Thompson, Buildings & Grounds

  • Toby Chenette, Chartwells Food Service

  • Ed Taraskewich, Chartwells Food Service


  • Brian Killian, Security

  • Jim Egan, Buildings & Grounds

  • Ramon Rosario, Security

  • Mary Conneely, President’s Office

The First and Last

  • T.J. Barber, Student Services   

  • Chris Guilmartin, Special Events/Calendar Office

  • William Beattie, Buildings & Grounds

  • Professor Clyde McKee, Political Science


  • Walt Adamy, Athletics  

  • Andy Levesque, Admissions & Career Services

  • Renee Counts, Library

  • Ethan Kravitz, Graduate assistant/Residential life


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