June, July, August, and September Anniversaries

Five Years

Jeffrey Behrman, Athletics
Anthony Berry, Admissions
Noreen Cannamela, Business Office
Moises Castillo, Modern Languages & Literature
Stefanie Chambers, Political Science
Timothy Curran, Chemistry
Carlos Espinosa, TRINFO Café
Lucy Ferriss, Writer-in-Residence
Ernest Hallbach, Athletics
Sarah Harrell, Classics
Barbara Henriques, Educational Studies
Luis Henriquez, Post Office
Scott Hermann-Keeling, Admissions
Anne Lambright, Modern Languages & Literature
Margaret Mair, Library
Andrew McPhee, Athletics
Theresa Morris, Sociology
Joan Morrison, Biology
Beth Notar, Anthropology
Laura Reiter, Counseling Center
Miguel Rivera, Buildings & Grounds
Richard Ross, Library
Clare Rossini, InterArts and TCCTR
Andrea St. James, Career Services
Kristin Triff, Fine Arts
Monica van Beusekom, History and International Studies
Crystal Williams, Alumni Relations
Michael Williams, Computing Center
Peter Yoon, Computer Science

Ten Years

Elizabeth Alaimo, Business Office
Felice Caivano, Fine Arts
Nancy Curran, Music
Curtis Gamble, Buildings & Grounds
Manuel Gamero, Buildings & Grounds
Christopher Nadon, Political Science
Margo Perkins, English and American Studies
Ilda Ramos, Buildings & Grounds
Kent Smith, Institutional Research and Planning
Madalene Spezialetti, Computer Science
Melanie Stein, Mathematics
Patricia Tillman, Fine Arts
Tito Victoriano, Computing Center

Fifteen Years

John Alcorn, Italian Studies
Kathleen Archer, Biology
Jorge Candelario, Buildings & Grounds
Carol Clark, Economics
Kathleen Curran, Fine Arts
William Decker, Athletics
William Detrick, Athletics
Dario Euraque, History and International Studies
Bob Greene, Admissions
Kathleen Kete, History
Robert Kirschbaum, Fine Arts
Ann Marie Krupski, Computing Center
Katherine Lahti, Modern Languages & Literature
Jorge Lugo, Campus Safety
John Mertens, Engineering
Judith Moran, Mathematics
Elestine Nicholson, Library
Angela Wolf, Computing Center
Thomas Zaharevich, Library

Twenty Years

Sandy Andrews, Davis Endowment
Alice Angelo, Library
Liz Burns, Special Academic Programs
John Cordone, Buildings & Grounds
Renee Counts, Library
Suzana DeSousa, Buldings & Grounds
Phil Duffy, Media Technology
Ralph Morelli, Computer Science
Richard Prigodich, Chemistry
Miguel Ramirez, Economics
Stephen Valocchi, Sociology

Twenty-Five Years

Dina Anselmi, Psychology
Ellison Findly, Religion and International Studies
Michael Lestz, History

Thirty Years

Michael Darr, Athletics
Eugene Leach, History and American Studies
David Norris, Campus Safety
Alan Sauer, Business Office
Craig Schneider, Biology
Diane Zannoni, Economics

Thirty-five Years

Judy Dworin, Theater & Dance
Dirk Kuyk, English

Forty Years

W. Miller Brown, Philosophy
Clyde McKee, Political Science

Forty-five Years

Ward Curran, Economics


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