Sports Highlights

  Director of Athletics Rick Hazleton (center) presented varsity letterman sweaters to Miller Brown (l) and Borden Painter (r) in recognition of their years of service to the Trinity athletic community.

The First-Year Colloquium, Out of Uniform: College Sports and Educational Values, compiled data provided by the Athletic Department and information collected from over 300 student-athlete survey responses.

The following was taken from the results of that research:

  • 9 senior athletes graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors in 2004.

  • 1 out of every 6 Trinity student-athletes had a semester GPA of 3.3667 or higher.

  • The average cumulative GPA for all female athletes at Trinity was 3.1.

  • Of the male athletes who responded to the survey, the average SAT score was 1300 or above.

  • 62 athletes received Faculty Honors last fall, with a minimum 3.667 GPA.

  • 9 student-athletes also dedicated themselves to being First-Year Academic Mentors.

  • Athletes surveyed cite academics above athletics as the driving force behind their attending Trinity.

  • 5 out of every 6 athletes surveyed is involved in an extracurricular activity in addition to their varsity sport.

  • Of the 25 first-year students earning the distinction of Deans’ Scholars, 6 were athletes in the fall.

  • 103 non-first-year athletes have a minimum 3.35 GPA and were to receive New England Small College Athletic Conference All-Academic honors.

  • The Salutatorian and Optima for the Class of 2004, was a three-sport female athlete.

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