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May 2005

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Early Reese


New Vice President of Finance and Treasurer Named
President Jones has announced the appointment of Mr. Early Reese to the position of vice president of finance and treasurer of the College.
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  Paula Russo Named Vice President of Strategic Planning, Administration, and Affirmative Action
Paula A. Russo has accepted the position of vice president of strategic planning, administration, and affirmative action.
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Mellon Foundation Grant for Computer Science
Trinity will share in an $800,000 grant designed to enhance curriculum, recruitment, and resources in the computer science departments of three liberal arts institutions. ... read more

  College Staff Member Offers Tips on Identity Theft
“It’s not the kind of crime, like if your house or car is broken into, that you can just run out in the street and yell, ‘I’ve been robbed!’”
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“Gateway” Programs Continue to Attract Top Students
Incoming first-year students enrolled in the "gateway" programs will be taking part in an initiative that welcomes students who want to challenge themselves intellectually. ... read more

  Cinestudio Celebrates 35 Years of Innovation
Film buffs young and old came to Trinity on Saturday, May 7, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Cinestudio with dinner and a double feature.
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Retirement Celebration
The campus community gathered to honor members of the faculty and staff who are retiring this year and those marking 25 years of service to Trinity ... read more

Awards and Honors ... read more

Sports Highlights
Sebastian Amato has announced his retirement as head coach of the Trinity wrestling team after 19 seasons. ... read more

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Kent Smith

What they’re reading…

Joan Murphy
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

"I have a passion for reading—starting in first grade, I would stay up late into the night, reading books by flashlight under the covers or in my closet fort. Now, with book lights, it is no longer necessary to head for the closet.

"When a favorite book is not readily at hand, I find myself reading the backs of cereal boxes, encyclopedias, dictionaries and, according to my husband, the occasional cookbook. For 27 years, I have belonged to a book group in West Hartford. We usually read a book a month—that makes 324+ books in all those years! I’ve recently read James Patterson’s Honeymoon, Linda Barnes’ Deep Pockets, and Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts, to name a few. My favorite authors include John Grisham, Patricia Cornwall, Kathy Reichs, Nelson DeMille, and Jodi Picoult.

"After finishing a good book, I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. But I’m never alone for long—I simply find a new book to read. I’m always eager to make a new friend."

David Cruz-Uribe (l), associate professor of mathematics, listens to comments by Dan Heischman, College chaplain, during a May 8 anti-death penalty rally on the main quad..

Dori Katz  

Dori Katz
Professor of Modern Languages

As a teacher of language, Dori Katz has an educated perspective on the many ways that language can effect interaction among people of different cultures. After all, people need to communicate, and talking—face-to-face dialogue—is usually the key component in that process. “In general, people today seem less aware of the importance of language than they did in the past,” she explains. “It’s partly because of globalization. There’s so much English spoken, all over the world, that people tend to mistake that for an entrée into a foreign culture. It’s a false assumption. Just because someone speaks English to you doesn’t mean that you have a kind of intimation, or even a clue, as to the spirit of that other culture.”

Born in Belgium, Katz grew up speaking Flemish and French, learning English only after arriving in California at the age of twelve. She came to America to escape the Nazi occupation. Among her many published works is a collection of poetry, Hiding in Other People’s Houses, which evokes memories of that experience. Two poems from that volume, “Line-Up” and “The Return” were included in Blood to Remember, a 1995 anthology of American poets on the Holocaust. Her poetry has also appeared in journals and reviews, and has been integrated with art installations in museums.

Partly as a result of her childhood experience, Katz and her husband, Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy Andrew Gold, established the Andrew J. Gold and Dori Katz Fund for Human Rights. “The fund is meant to encourage work, research, internships and projects that overcome anti-Semitism and racism,” she says. “We knew that we would give some money to Trinity when we retire, but then we thought, ‘why not do it now when it will do some immediate good?’” Support from the fund is available to all students whose projects meet the criteria for the award. It has also been used to support the activities of the College’s Human Rights Program.

Katz thinks that language, and the opportunities it provides for cross-cultural relationships, can help to bridge separations on a global scale. “With some of the political problems that are happening in the world today, and with the lack of quality people who speak foreign languages, understand other cultures, and can therefore act as reliable sources for governments, NGOs, and businesses, people are beginning to once again realize the importance of language to the future of us all. And that’s a good thing.”

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