Dworin Ensemble Marks Milestone with Dance Performance

Groups of third, fourth, and fifth graders wearing brightly colored T-shirts filled the Washington Room with their energy on April 14, to celebrate the eighth consecutive year of the Judy Dworin Performance Ensemble’s (JDPE) residency at Hartford’s Parkville School. This unique, long-term residency integrates movement with the students’ language arts and visual arts programs through weekly movement classes led by JDPE teaching artists. Trinity students serve as teaching assistants for the program as part of their “Education through Movement” course with Kathy Borteck Gersten, a visiting lecturer in theater and dance who is also the associate artistic director of JDPE.

Ten classes of the elementary school children performed to the live, specially composed music of Sirius Coyote, a Connecticut-based group of musicians, instrument makers, and storytellers playing “music of the Americas,” in a large-scale performance of “Making the World,” inspired by the book of the same name by Douglas Wood. The Washington Room was transformed with imaginative and colorful set pieces—setting the mood for an afternoon of dancing that blended “the spirit of childhood with the sophistication of an artist.”

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