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“‘I get a lot of students who are interested in political and social history, and they all have the sense that of all the decades they missed, the ‘60s was the coolest,’ says John Platoff, a professor of music at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., who teaches a popular course called “The Beatles and the Sixties.” He reports that ‘there continues to be a regular influx of students who at the very least know 30 [Beatles] songs and could sing them right off to you. Even those that know the least [about the band] still know a few songs.’”

“Do the Beatles Still Matter?” Entertainment Weekly, February 13, 2004

“‘Cities that “got it” in the 1990s worked on fixing the basics: streets and police,’ [former HUD Secretary Henry] Cisneros said. ‘The new basics are quality education, housing growth and building on their strategic assets, such as waterfronts and universities.’ Cisneros commended the city of Hartford, Conn., which made Trinity College the center of its revitalization campaign.”

“Cisneros: Cities must endure” Lancaster (PA) Intelligencer Journal, March 4, 2004

“As director of the Poetry Center at Trinity College, [Pamela] Nomura has been involved with young artists since she found success as a young writer herself, winning “Northeast
Magazine’s” award for Best Student Writing.”

“Students of Poetry” New London Day, March 18, 2004

“To try to raise awareness of the mental health issues facing college students, a group of Trinity students led by [Adam] Tewell is organizing a mental health conference on campus April 3. They hope to draw students from throughout New England to the conference, which will focus on a variety of mental health issues.”

“More Students Seeking Mental Health Aid” Hartford Courant, March 22, 2004

“Ms. [Judy] Dworin, who chairs the theater and dance department at Trinity College, was also a founder of the Hartford Dance Coalition, which has become a focal point of dance in the city, and is pushing the laudable idea of including dance in Connecticut’s public school curriculum. Which of our children couldn’t use the exposure to a major art form that involves exercise?”

“Still Edgy After 15 Years” Hartford Courant, March 25, 2004

“This is the first opportunity we’ve had to get an insider’s view, over a long period of time, of ways that the country has dealt with counterterrorism, and he’s one voice. We need more voices to talk about that situation so we get a better picture of what really went on.”

Judith Bowen, director of development services, discussing Richard Clarke’s book, Against All Enemies, on WFSB TV’s “Face the State” program, March 28, 2004


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