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April 5, 2004

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Professor Lauter


Professor Lauter Receives Fulbright Scholar Grant
Trinity’s Allan K. & Gwendolyn Miles Smith Professor of Literature will be traveling to Austria this spring thanks to a generous grant from the Fulbright Scholar Program.
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Anne Parmenter   Trinity Field Hockey Coach to Climb Mt. Everest
Head Field Hockey Coach Anne Parmenter is among a group of seven Connecticut residents who are on their way to climb Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak.
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Trinity Admissions Building   Architects Win Award for Trinity Admissions Building
The Philadelphia architectural firm that designed the Admissions and Career Services Center has been recognized for its work.
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Sports Spotlight
The College has announced the hiring of Michael Pilger as its new men’s head soccer coach.
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In the News
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Who's New
A list of those who have recently joined the Trinity Community.
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Dan LloydWhat they’re reading…
Dan Lloyd, professor of philosophy and director of the Tutorial College

“Here in Tutorial College, what I’m reading is what we’re all reading as we continue our journey through cultures and eras. Recently we’ve read Maus by Art Spiegelman. The Holocaust is a horror that defeats most efforts to describe or depict it; Spiegelman uses the form of a comic book to tell the story of his own father, a survivor. The stylized and simple images make the terror and sorrow of one man’s story concrete and universal at once. I found it very moving.”
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mock impeachment trial of President George W. Bush

Visiting Lecturer in Legal Studies Michael Heaney (left) (as Supreme Court Justice Nino Scalia) and Associate Professor of History Jack Chatfield (right) (as Senator Fensitter) listen to testimony in the mock impeachment trial of President George W. Bush as part of Heaney’s 1st year Colloquium. The president was acquitted.

  William H. Church

William H. Church Associate Professor
of Chemistry and Neuroscience

“You’re not going to tell me the answer, are you?” is a question that Bill Church gets from his research students all the time. And every time the answer is, “No, but let’s talk about it.” According to Church, this type of intellectual one-on-one interaction is the special, magical aspect of being a faculty member at Trinity. Independent, high-quality research carried out by undergraduates in close collaboration with their faculty advisers is considered by both the science faculty and the College’s administration to be an integral part of a science major’s education.

“One of the great pleasures that I take in directing undergraduate research students is participating in the intellectual transition that occurs when the student moves beyond the student working in the lab stage into the independent research assistant stage,” he says. “It is at this point that the student no longer looks to me for the answers to questions or for what experiment to do next. There is now the self-confidence and the ability to solve these issues on her own. Some of the most gratifying moments in my many years at Trinity have been when this transition occurs, usually late in the evening of our weekly ‘Research Night’ or on the way back from a professional meeting. There is something about this type of non-traditional professor-student interaction that tends to promote a different type of thinking in the student.

“And the culmination of this intellectual experience occurs as I watch my student present his work at a professional meeting, typically the annual American Chemical Society meeting or the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting, where scientists from all over the world meet to share their scientific advances. To see a junior or senior Trinity student engaged in meaningful conversation with Ph.D. chemists or neuroscientists about the research they have been conducting makes grading all of those Introductory Chemistry Problem sets worthwhile. I can’t think of a better place to do science than at Trinity College.”

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