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April 2005

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E-Mail ‘Phishing’ Can Lead to Identity Theft
The important thing to remember is that in order to be taken in by one of these scams, you have to actively participate.
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  Civil War Exhibition on Display in Watkinson
“Now Let Us Never From Duty Shrink” is the title of an exhibition on the Civil War currently on display in the Trumbull Room of the Watkinson Library.
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Trinity Supports Tsunami Relief Effort
Members of the College community have contributed more than $5,000 to aid the victims of last December’s tsunami that devastated parts of Asia.
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  Hillel Gets Funding for MAZON Intern
Trinity recently became one of only eight colleges in the country to receive a two-semester grant from the Schusterman Hillel International Center.
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College Receives Grant for Cornerstone Project
President Jones has secured a $50,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation to support small "seed" projects that will advance the College’s Cornerstone goals and stimulate widespread participation in Cornerstone efforts.
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Recognizing members of the campus community for their years of service to Trinity…
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  Sports Highlights
The baseball team is off to an 18-2 start and Head Coach Bill Decker earned his 300th career victory during the team's best-ever, 11-1 Florida trip.
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Kent Smith

What they’re reading…

Kent Smith
Director of Institutional Research and Planning

"Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie is a true story of friendship lost and regained, of dying with dignity and, above all, of living life fully and joyfully. When Albom was an undergraduate at Brandeis, his friendship with his favorite professor and mentor, Morrie Schwartz, was the kind that makes life at a residential college so valuable for both faculty and students. By chance, he re-connected with Morrie years later as the older man was dying from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. During the last months of Morrie’s life, they regularly met on Tuesdays to discuss the big and small issues of living and dying and to work on Albom’s last assignment from Morrie, this book.

"Morrie Schwartz’s philosophy of life is forcefully told in this brief and inspiring book: live life to the fullest in the present, care for others and be sensitive to their needs, and seek and cherish the moments of joy in all we do. That philosophy is so different from the emphases in Albom’s fast-paced and achievement-oriented life as a sports columnist, that one is left wondering what lasting impact Morrie will have on him, beyond writing the book. But for the rest of us, that is enough."

Rebecca Goldstein, visiting professor of philosophy, talks about her latest book, Incompleteness: The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Godel. The lecture was part of TCCTR’s Trinity Authors’ Series.

Marjorie Harter  

Marjorie Harter Administrative Assistant Philosophy, Religion, Jewish Studies, and Public Policy

Marjorie Harter knows a thing or two about juggling priorities and multi-tasking. As the administrative assistant for two departments and two separate academic programs, which includes maintaining five Web sites, keeping her workload at a manageable level is no small accomplishment. Making effective use of the available technology effectively, she says, makes a big difference in her daily life. “I’ve become pretty computer savvy—it makes my job much easier,” Harter explains. “With four chairs and 25 faculty members, I have to stay on top of a lot of different, time-sensitive things. One small change I’ve made that seems to help is that I try to send everything electronically; I very rarely send paper anymore.”

Harter also thinks that the more that can be done online, the better. “A lot of people weren’t too happy when we were told that the bulletin was going online, but I was ecstatic. It’s a much better way to do things. The same thing happened with Trinity Exchange—some people were upset, but nobody liked the old system either. Rather than waiting for an e-mail in the morning or in the afternoon, you just plug into the site and everything is right there in front of you. I love it. Everyone just needs to learn how to use the technology that is available. It’s really just common sense.”

When she’s not busy coordinating class schedules, planning events, and dealing with student issues, Harter is active in the community. She’s been singing in her church choir for nearly 20 years, about the same amount of time that she’s been teaching Sunday school to fourth through sixth graders. “I’ve been involved with young people all my life,” she says. “They help to keep me young. They certainly keep me busy and I really enjoy them.” And as if that weren’t enough, Harter is also an assistant leader for her seven-year-old granddaughter’s Brownie troop. “Other than that, I’m in the gym,” she says with a laugh.

Prior to joining Trinity in 2001, Harter was the assistant to a clinical scientist at Bristol Meyers Squibb, the pharmaceutical company; before that she spent 10 years at Wesleyan working in the Asian Language and Literature Department and the language lab. As for the difference between the private sector and the world of academia, she says, “I liked my job at Bristol Meyers Squibb, but I think my heart belongs here—at a college. Trinity is a very special place. The students here are really great kids and they keep me on my toes. I figure, at my age, I have to keep my brain moving, keep it working.”

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