President’s Cornerstone Fund Awards Support Varied Interests

The Planning and Budget Council has announced the final round of awards made recently by the President’s Cornerstone Fund. Of the 13 applications submitted to the PBC, eight projects, with a total cost of $23,710, were selected for funding. Decisions were made based on the proposed project’s potential impact on the following four mission-focused sets of goals and strategies as defined in the latest version of the Cornerstone Plan:

  • Enhancing teaching and learning and building a rigorous, engaged academic community

  • Increasing the intellectual vibrancy of campus life

  • Bringing Trinity true distinction through offering our students the world in a city, building on our strengths in urban engagement and global education

  • Fostering and reaping the benefits of a broadly diverse campus community

The eight successful applications are:

  • CLI Anniversary Symposium (Elly Jacobson).  
    A half-day symposium celebrating the tenth anniversary of the College’s Community Learning Initiative.

  • Hip Hop Presentation (Jason Azevedo ’08 and Magee McIlvaine ’06).  
    To supplement the cost of performers and speakers for a 3-day International Hip-Hop Conference at Trinity, April 21 -23 (open to the public).

  • Are You in Your Right Mind? (Linda Brophy for IMPACT).  
    Staff appreciation day speaker will explore individual difference through left brain/right brain research, with an aim for greater understanding and appreciation of differences.

  • TC Literature Club (Sheila Fisher).  
    Two-year project that will establish a literature club for students, faculty, and staff at Trinity, as well as organize a literacy outreach program with MD Fox Elementary School.

  • Urban-Global Exploration (Jessica Wagner ’07 and Nora Steinman ’07).
    Implement a series of lectures that focus on social change within the urban-global context and create a research grant competition for a senior project relating to urban/global issues.

  • Connecting Urban and Rural (Joan Morrison et al.).
    Environmental data collection at the Trinity College Field Station to compare with state and other agencies at urban sites in Hartford.

  • 50 Stories for 50 Years (Cindy Butos).
    Establish a half-credit course in which students interview Avery Heights Nursing Home clients and create a book of life stories.

  • Out of Uniform (Jen Bowman et al.).
    Establish a year-long program involving six interactive workshops aimed at decreasing the divide between academics and athletics.

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