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“In summary, the service-learning approach in environmental chemistry was a success. Students learned more than they did with a traditional approach and gained insight into how environmental chemists work. In the end, students were proud of their work, and presented expertly at a professional meeting.”

“Integrating Project-Based Service-Learning into an Advanced Environmental Chemistry
Course” by Alison Draper, director of the Interdisciplinary Science Center
Journal of Chemical Education, February 2004

“Published by the Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., this analytical report [Religion in the News] is, to date, the most authoritative and comprehensive treatment of U.S. religion and election-year politics. The 10 contributors are established scholars.”

“The ‘religion gap’ and party politics” Jersey Journal, February 19, 2004

“The dominance of the men’s squash dynasty at little Trinity College (enrollment 2,200) in Hartford, Conn., could hardly be more complete. The Bantams have not lost a match—indeed, they have rarely been challenged—in nearly six years, during which they’ve won a record 105 straight.”

“A Global Racquet” Sports Illustrated, March 1, 2004

“Vijay Prashad, director of International Studies at Trinity College in Hartford, says that Indians living in the United States have given at least $6 million to fund the Hindu schools across the country via a network of charitable fronts and illegal money transfers.”

“India’s tribal schools are questioned” Boston Sunday Globe, March 7, 2004

“But when [Trinity Field Hockey Coach] Anne Parmenter walked out of the Wood-n-Tap in the West End of Harford one evening in December, she could hardly believe what had happened. She had just been offered a chance to climb Mount Everest.”

“Bound For The Top Of The World” Hartford Courant, March 16, 2004

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