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“A recent study by Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, found 80 percent of the adult population has some level of anxiety when faced with dental treatment. A leading reason, the study found, is rooted in childhood sexual abuse.”

The Big Flashback Thaw” Edmonton Journal (Alberta, Canada), December 1, 2003

“Hugh Ogden of Glastonbury, a poet and professor at Trinity College who joined the Hartford Meeting more than two decades ago, said the practice of silent worship, “where people wait on the spirit to lead them to speak… is a wonderful, wonderful way to practice your faith and your religious beliefs.”

“Quakers: From silent worship to social activism” Connecticut Life, January 2004

“”Perhaps you would give a couple of paragraphs to the misconception (and the mistranslation) of the Sixth Commandment in Exodus 20:13, ‘You shall not murder,’ as ‘You shall not kill.’ The original Hebrew, lo tirtsah., is very clear, since the verb ratsah. means ‘murder,’ not ‘kill.’  If the commandment proscribed killing as such, it would position Judaism against capital punishment and make it pacifist even in wartime. These may be defensible or admirable views, but they’re certainly not biblical.”

“Killing Versus Murder” by Professor of Humanities Berel Lang
Forward, January 9, 2004

“Isaac Goldstein, a 20-year-old Trinity College junior from Coral Gables, Fla., took advantage of a 45-minute stop at the Kotel, or Western Wall, to don his tefillin. While praying he heard the Muslim call to evening prayers over a loudspeaker. “My whole body got the chills. I couldn’t believe a place as diverse as Jerusalem really existed. There I was at the epicenter of a world conflict, praying for peace, and it was free,” Goldstein says.”

“College students have life-changing experiences on ‘birthright israel’”
Connecticut Jewish Ledger, January 30, 2004

“He [James F. Jones, Jr.] comes to Trinity from a small liberal arts college in western Michigan, taking over an older but just as intimate campus in the East. He describes them both as “shining jewels in American education.””

“Michigan educator takes top Trinity post” New Haven Register, February 8, 2004

“As president of Kalamazoo College, Jones, 56, led a movement to reposition the college to play a pivotal role in the community. He served on a consortium of higher education institutions in Kalamazoo to develop a number of links between the school and the community.”

“Jones will emphasize college-community link” Kalamazoo Gazette, February 8, 2004

“The Western religious tradition that most emphasizes the sanctity of marriage has, in short, made a tradition of extending it beyond the relationship of one man and one woman, beyond any procreative context, to other relationships that involve profound moral and spiritual commitment.”

“One Man, One Woman: One of Many Traditions” by Mark Silk,
director of the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life
Hartford Courant, February 29, 2004



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