A Field Guide to Hartford


Cities Data Center Director Ivan Kuzyk.

Did you know that Richard Nixon was the last Republican candidate to garner over 20,000 votes in a presidential election in Hartford? Or that the students at the Simpson-Waverly elementary school in the cityís North End perform better on standardized tests than children in many suburban school districts? These and a host of other interesting and useful facts can be found in the second edition of the Hartford Primer & Field Guide, recently published by the Collegeís Cities Data Center.

Much like the first edition, published in 2001, the Primer provides an often-fascinating look at the city and its history. Using data from a variety of sources, including the U.S. census, it offers some of the most current information available in areas ranging from the local economy to Hartfordís political landscape. Cities Data Center Director Ivan Kuzyk says that the sections on politics, education, and crime have been significantly reworked for the Primerís second edition to reflect recent developments. An index has also been added.

Kuzyk, who attended high school in Hartford, notes that while the Primer was originally designed for Trinity students involved in community-based learning in the Hartford region, the book has attracted significant interest off campus. The new edition is currently in use in over a dozen classes at the College and is widely used as a reference on the city by students and faculty. 

Several area libraries keep the Primer handy for quick reference, and it has been utilized in classes at the University of Hartford, the University of Connecticut, and Saint Joseph College. The first edition was also used by former Hartford City Manager Al Ilg as a training resource for city administrators, as well as by concerned citizens and local nonprofit organizations for help with grant applications. 

Individual copies of the 2nd Edition Hartford Primer & Field Guide can be purchased at Gallows Hill Bookstore on the Trinity campus. Bulk sales are available through the Cities Data Center at 860-297-2112. Complimentary copies are available to Trinity College students, faculty, and staff.


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