Neighborhood residents delight in a Trinfo.Café Christmas

Twenty-five neighborhood families celebrated their first digital Christmas this past year as the Trinfo.Café, Trinity’s community technology center, held its third annual computer give-away on December 18, 2003. The computers were donated by Trinity College and were refurbished by high school teens participating in the Trinfo.Café’s Computer Apprenticeship Program. To date, the program has refurbished and distributed approximately 120 computers to families in the neighborhood.

The Computer Apprenticeship Program, funded by the SBC Foundation, exposes teenagers to careers in technology. During the eight-month program, students catalogue, dismantle, and reassemble decommissioned Trinity computers. This highly-selective program includes students from Bulkeley, Hartford Public, and A.I. Prince Technical School.

Trinfo.Café, located at the corner of Broad and Vernon Streets, brings Internet technology, training, support, and equipment to Hartford residents as part of the College’s Smart Neighborhoods digital divide initiative. The program enables residents to comprehend and value computer technology by tailoring computer classes to their professional needs and by demonstrating how computers, the Internet, and Microsoft Office programs can be utilized to achieve personal organizational tasks.


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