Trinity Gives to the United Way

The College’s 2005 United Way/Community Works campaign raised almost $30,000 for the Greater Hartford Community Works program and the United Way of the Capital Region, a total that indicates a slight drop from the previous year’s effort. More than 150 faculty and staff members, representing approximately 24 percent of Trinity’s workforce, contributed to the campaign. Many area and national charitable organizations also have shown decreases in fund-raising efforts as a result of the overwhelming support for Hurricane Katrina relief. 

According to Jackie Mandyck, director of community and institutional relations, donations to the United Way/Community Works campaign go directly to help area community service agencies. “We are extremely grateful to all those who participated in this year’s United Way/Community Works campaign. Trinity’s continued support of these great organizations is vital to our community, as they help people with very real, very immediate needs that would otherwise go unmet. We look forward to helping as many of our neighbors as we can with next year’s campaign.”


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