ONE:TWO Challenge Update

It is approximately halfway through the fiscal year and, as of January 31, Trinity has received $1,122,730 in new and increased gifts from 2,587 donors in response to the ONE:TWO Challenge. Each new gift or increase in gift amount will trigger a dollar-for-dollar match. The Challenge was introduced last September by some of the College’s most generous supporters in an effort to bolster the Trinity Fund, which each year provides funding for such essential items as student financial aid, faculty research projects, and new library materials.

However, the Trinity Fund is still far from reaching the participation goals that must be achieved before the $1.25-million challengers’ bonus kicks in. When the alumni participation level reaches 55 percent (10,268 gifts from alumni), $1 million of the bonus will be added to this year’s Alumni Fund. At the same time, the Parents Fund is striving for a record 1,500 donors in order to earn the additional $250,000 in bonus money from the challengers. As of January 31, alumni participation stood at 31 percent and 887 parents had made gifts to the Parents Fund. The deadline for both of the participation goals is June 30, 2006.

“We’re very pleased with the response we’ve gotten so far, but we still have a long way to go,” notes Conrad Meyer ’77, Annual Fund Chair. “As one of the challengers, I’m confident that we will meet our goals. This is a great opportunity to make a difference. Those of us who have benefited so much from Trinity—whether as alumni, parents, or as friends of the College—it’s time to give back. Let’s not let this challenge go to waste.” 

The 28 challengers—alumni and parents from across generations who have made this special pledge in order to help Trinity remain competitive with other nationally ranked schools—hope that this initiative will motivate more parents, alumni, and friends than ever before to make a gift to the Trinity Fund.

To find out more about how you can help the College meet the ONE:TWO Challenge goals, please go to

2006 Challengers

Peter L. Bain ’81
E. Thayer Bigelow, Jr. ’65, P’99
Peter R. Blum ’72
William Nichols Booth ’71, P’01, ’04
Thomas R. DiBenedetto ’71, P’08
Andrew H. Forrester ’61
Peter ’73 and Renate Gleysteen P’09
Joshua C. Gruss ’96
Thomas F. Head III ’52
Thomas S. Johnson ’62, P’97
Raymond E. Joslin ’58
George A. Kellner ’64
Peter S. Kraus ’74
L. Peter Lawrence ’71, P’04
Michael Dewey Loberg ’69, P’00
Alexander P. and Sally W. Lynch P’03, ’04, ’07
Mitchell M. Merin ’75
H. Conrad Meyer III ’77
Wenda Harris Millard ’76
Margaret-Mary V. ’79 and T. Michael Preston ’79
Paul E. Raether ’68, P’93, ’96, ’01
Edward C. Rorer ’65, P’91
Douglas T. Tansill ’61, P’91,’96
Luther L. Terry, Jr. ’67
Cornelia Parsons ’80 and Richard Thornburgh
W. James Tozer, Jr. ’63, P’89, ’90
Henry M. Zachs ’56


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