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January 2005

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College Names New Vice President
President Jones has announced the appointment of Ronald Joyce as vice president for college advancement. more

Cornerstone Project Moving Forward
The College has made significant progress with the Cornerstone Project, the broad-based planning initiative unveiled in the fall. more

Trinity Gains in African-American Admissions
Survey notes largest gain in first-year enrollment, up 111 percent over 2003. more

  Biology Professor Studying Exam-Time Illness
It is no great secret that large numbers of college students get sick around exam time, and Associate Professor of Biology Lisa-Anne Foster thinks it is no coincidence. more

  Austin Arts Center Spring Preview
Once again the Austin Arts Center will be home to an exciting semester of performing and visual arts at Trinity. more

Recognizing members of the campus community for their years of service to Trinity… here

Who's New
A list of those who have recently joined the Trinity Community. here

  Sports Highlights
Sophomore Michael Lenihan won three events in a meet at Wesleyan and three more in a tri-meet against Connecticut College and Wheaton... more

In the News here for recent media coverage of Trinity College.

What they’re reading…

Fred Errington
Distinguished Professor of Anthropology

"I have been reading for both work and pleasure of late. For work, which is to say, an anthropological project about the global flow of fatty foods (largely) through the Pacific, I have just finished Leg the Spread by Cari Lynn – a readable and informative account of the extraordinary behavior of mostly male commodity traders in Chicago from the perspective of one woman who lived to tell the tale. For pleasure, I have just finished an amazing novel by my friend, Judith Frank, called Crybaby Butch – the remarkable story of how one butch woman, an academic by training, confronts class, race, and gender differences as she teaches adult literacy in Chicago. (I've just become aware that I seem to be focusing on Chicago in my reading!) This novel is a moving, nuanced, and honest account of the lives of the teacher and her students as they come to terms (or not) with one another in a world which has hurt them all, if differently. And, along the way, it conveys fascinating information about a kind of teaching each of us might learn from. It's among the best novels I've read in a long time. "

Kay Davidson, coordinator of publications services, chats with Joanne Biancamano (l), manager of data maintenance, and Julie Vecchitto (r), former art director, during a reception honoring Davidson’s 26 years of service to the College. Davidson is retiring on February 18.


Margaret Lindsey Director of the First-Year Program


A cursory examination of the books in Margaret Lindsey’s office makes it clear that she is comfortable wearing different hats. The Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting sits alongside Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain on her desk. Lindsey’s taste in reading material is an accurate reflection of the diverse nature of her role at Trinity. As a member of the College administration, she has myriad responsibilities that include working with first-year students and mentors as well as coordinating seminar and colloquium schedules. She also serves as a lecturer in the Guided Studies Program and teaches a first-year seminar each year. This past fall, she taught a seminar entitled “Reading Faces: Visual and Literature Portraits.”

“If someone asked me to summarize in one word what I do on a day-to-day basis, the answer is that I collaborate,” explains Lindsey. “I’m constantly involved with lots of different people and programs around campus. Sometimes I’m collaborating with Residential Life on a housing issue and sometimes I’m collaborating with the Gateway Programs or a group of faculty who are organizing a cluster of seminars for the First-Year Program. One of the highlights of what I do here is my involvement with the mentoring program. I love working with those kids. I think they are an absolutely outstanding part of the College.”

Lindsey says that she found the perfect job when she came to Trinity in 2001, given her diverse background. Among other things, she has been a camp counselor, a high school teacher, and has directed a community arts program. She also spent time at both Dartmouth College and Wesleyan University, where she combined graduate studies with jobs in the administration. Lindsey holds a Ph.D. in medieval studies from the University of New Hampshire.

“To run the First-Year Program well, it’s important that I spend time in the classroom,” she says. “I need to see how it really works from the other side—to have my own mentor, my own seminar. That way I have a better understanding of all the great things, as well as some of the challenges, that make up the first-year experience for our students.”

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